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Grovo is a learning technology company that gives enterprise organizations the technology and content to align, train and develop their teams. The company is known for its microlearning method by featuring 60 second video lessons geared to today's short attention spans. The Grovo blog is a destination to share company insights on the e-learning industry as well as the challenges and opportunities Grovo comes in contact with every day.

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Meet the Next Generation of Grovo: The Microlearning Platform Built for Today’s Fast-Changing Workplace

Learning is the lifeblood of the modern organization. Learning organizations think faster. They adapt with greater agility. People who work at organizations with strong learning […]

A Note From Our CEO: L&D’s Time in the Sun

At Grovo, we’re on a mission to redefine workplace learning to help companies thrive. On-the-job learning is more valuable than ever in our fast-paced global […]

A Better Way to Prepare Your Workforce for Change and Transformation

I recently attended and spoke at the Change and Transformation conference in NYC, a fantastic event in which practitioners from leading companies like IBM, Cisco, […]

How to Change Behaviors With Microlearning

Around 2,300 years ago, Aristotle was traveling the Ancient Greek equivalent of the conference circuit. His lectures, later collected as the Nicomachean Ethics, included a […]

What It Really Means to Be Learner-First

Product designers talk with users to understand their motivations, perceptions, and actions before they begin designing products. Yet in the world of training and development, […]

Why Soft Skills Training is More Important Than Ever—And How Microlearning Can Accelerate It

“The machine was theirs and it would come home to roost. It would engender more machines, more intricate machines, more amazing machines, more machine-like machines, […]

Harness the Power of Aha! Moments to Help Your Team Learn

The haystack was important because the cloth ripped. Do you get it? Maybe if I added a picture. The haystack was important because the cloth […]

From General Mills to Merck, World’s Top CEOs Pledge to Bring Unconscious Bias Training to their People

Back in January, Grovo named 2017 the year of diversity training, and for the first time, we released our microlearning curriculum on unconscious bias to […]

Why Walt Whitman’s Secret Writings on Training Are More Relevant than Ever

  While Walt Whitman was writing Leaves of Grass—perhaps the most important book of poetry in American history—he was producing an advice column on the […]

The Most Important Question In Any Learning Designer’s Arsenal

A while back I came across this great quote from Kevin M. Yates, M.Ed summing up a common frustration among learning professionals:   “There are […]

4 Measurement Strategies That Create the Right Incentives for Learning

Why measure learning? The easy answer is to track learner progress. The subtler, more powerful answer is to drive learner behavior. Dan Ariely, behavioral scientist […]

How Tim Ferriss Learns Anything Faster, and How Your Employees Can, Too

Tim Ferriss is obsessed with performance. The bestselling author of The 4-Hour Work Week and host of one the top podcasts on iTunes spends his […]