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The Advantexe Advisor Blog - providing a deep and applicable understanding of the system of business. We focus on providing tips, information and insight regarding business acumen skill development and the use of live and web-based learning tools. Our core focus is the use of simulation, both off and online to help users apply newly learned business skills in realistic and relevant business ecosystems.

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How Business Simulation Models for 2025 Can Build Skills Today

Written by Robert Brodo, CEO Advantexe   For the second time in a year, I have been asked to start designing a computer-based business simulation […]

How Crappy eLearning is Ruining Training and Hurting Business Results

Consider for a moment, one of the most significant trends in the ecosystem of Talent Development: In 1990, the challenge to most Talent Development professionals […]

3 Key Learnings for Business Acumen Application

 The Hidden Dangers of Strategic Success Over the past several weeks, I have had the privilege of working with very successful business leaders at very […]

3 Examples of Leadership Skills to Create Pride in the Workplace

Business Leadership is a competency that everyone in business needs to practice and develop every day in order to be successful.  According to HR talent […]

Does responding with “That’s a Really Great Question” show a lack of business intelligence?

If you are a business professional, you’ve heard it thousands of times; you ask someone a question and they look at you and say, “That’s […]

How Market Competition Drives the Need for Business Acumen Skills

Consider for a moment two companies; Company A and Company B.

5 Things Millennial Leaders Do and Think are Leadership Best Practices

Earlier this week I received an email from a past participant of a senior leadership development program I ran for his company a few years […]

When Should an Emerging Business Make a Profit?

Some of the most valuable companies in the world – the ones that we know as the darlings of Wall Street – have never made […]

In Leadership, Low Expectation Yields Low Results

During a recent Business Leadership workshop I was delivering to a group of experienced senior leaders we started discussing the challenges of executing their business […]

Exploring the Business Acumen Skills that Drive Customer Loyalty

I recently read an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review called “Customer Loyalty is Overrated.”  The essence of the well-received piece is that over […]

“Oh, what do you expect from a $65,000 a year entry level employee?”

Many times, I generate the material for my blogs from the Business Acumen, Business Leadership, or Strategic Business Selling programs I conduct for Advantexe.  However, this morning […]

When Traditional Leadership Just isn’t Enough

3 Areas to focus on to improve effectiveness