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The Advantexe Advisor Blog - providing a deep and applicable understanding of the system of business. We focus on providing tips, information and insight regarding business acumen skill development and the use of live and web-based learning tools. Our core focus is the use of simulation, both off and online to help users apply newly learned business skills in realistic and relevant business ecosystems.

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2 competencies to prepare leaders for taking on an empowered role

Do Your People Have the Skills to Handle It? One of the most challenging aspects of business leadership is finding the right balances between accountability, […]

How I Beat My Brother in our Newest Business Simulation!

Our latest business simulation – called The Drivers of Business Performance – is one of the most innovative and dynamic learning tools to hit the […]

What the United Airlines Fiasco Should Teach Us About Business Acumen

As a human being first and a frequent flyer second, I was shocked like everyone else by the images and story this week about the […]

Why is Cash Operating Return on Assets a Valuable Financial Metric?

Insight into how to utilize this key Business Acumen metric as a critical measure of business performance In Advantexe’s simulation-centric Business Acumen learning journeys we […]

Why Every New Hire Needs Basic Business Skills as Part of Onboarding

5 suggestions on what new hires should be able to do when starting a new job In my work designing, developing, and delivering award-winning Business […]

“Where’s my Money?” - What Shareholders Really Want to Know

Business executives and leaders are responsible for setting and executing strategies that provide shareholders with a return on their investment.  Too often, leaders make business […]

Five leadership development tips to think about before you “pull rank”

“That’s it. Enough of this trying to figure it out together!  The collaborative problem solving mumbo jumbo isn’t working and I am going to pull […]

A Leadership Challenge: Managing Direct Reports Who Were Once Peers

Developing Business Leadership skills in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world is an evolving and non-stop process.  Every day, existing and new leaders face […]

Can Data Analytics from Business Simulations Change Corporate Culture?

As the world of human capital management continues to evolve and change so do the tools and techniques that measure and drive performance.  One of […]

The Skill of Reading Weak Signals in Leadership Situations

Over the past few years there have been several excellent publications about the concept of “reading weak signals” in business.  One of my favorites was […]

4 business acumen tips leadership can do to create better followership

If you Google “Leadership”, you will get 772,000,000 hits in 1.01 seconds so defining leadership is statistically, emotionally, and conceptually impossible.  But that doesn’t mean […]

Using Business Acumen Skills to Anticipate Customer Needs

Building organizational capabilities to anticipate customer needs rather than react to them Too many business leaders and Sales and Marketing professionals think that understanding Voice […]