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Sell online courses like these 100 successful online course creators

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from new (and seasoned) online course creators is: “what makes a great online course sales page?” Instead […]

New integration: Zapier (Beta) + Coach

Following closely on the heels of our recent ConvertKit integration, we’re thrilled to announce our second integration: Zapier. What’s Zapier? Zapier helps you automate workflows […]

The best Mac screen recording software for online courses

These days, most online courses are made up of videos, which means our 5,000+ customers often ask us for advice on which mac screen recording […]

How to debunk pricing myths and build a pricing strategy that works

This is a guest article from our friend, Janelle Allen of Zen Courses, a great podcast that’s all about online courses. If you want to […]

See a snapshot of your success: new Dashboard and Activity Feed

When you’re selling online courses and digital products, having your finger on the pulse of what’s happening — from your signups to your sales — is important. Knowing this, […]

New integration: ConvertKit + Coach

We’re super excited to announce our first integration with ConvertKit, a popular email marketing service for professional bloggers. Why ConvertKit? This integration has been a […]

How Groove made $120,679 online course sales in 5 days

Is it possible to earn $120,679 on your first online course, in just 5 days? According to Groove, one of our 5,000+ customers, yes — it’s totally possible, […]

How to get 55 online course signups with 1 video and $0

After creating an online course, your first thought is usually, “how am I going to promote it?” After all, you spent so much time working on […]

4 NEW updates: design + customizations for storefronts, sales pages, & more!

When selling an online course or digital product, the most important part is the content you’re selling. But there’s more to making a sale than just […]

FREE eBook! Level up your sales: a guide for selling more online courses & digital products

Have you ever launched an online course or digital product to…crickets? Did you launch your online course or digital product, landed a few sales, but […]

A collection of Coach’s most helpful blog posts

Over the past year, we’ve covered a lot of topics, from coming up with ideas for your first product to increasing sales for your online […]

My online course isn’t selling. Now what?

You just had a GREAT idea. You weren’t even trying to think of a great idea, but it popped into your head, and you’re not one […]