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When you spend $25k, this is what your online course looks like

This is a guest article from our friend, Grant Weherley of Monetize My Expertise, an online course production company that builds video courses for companies, […]

Zapier + Coach: It’s aLive!

You heard right: our integration with Zapier is live! If you’re interested, you can read the official announcement on Zapier’s blog here. A quick recap: what’s Zapier? […]

How DIY video production can make you look like a pro

For a creator like you, turning your ideas into an online course is easy. But performing in front of a webcam? Eh…not so much. We all know video […]

NEW feature: Turn your customers into Affiliates

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been getting (almost) daily requests for us to add an Affiliate feature to Coach. Many of you wanted […]

NEW International languages: Buy, acheter, comprar! (Beta)

At the end of May, we added support for 9 different currencies (Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Mexican Pesos, Brazilian real, etc.). Today, we extend our support […]

Marketing your online course: Should you pay for advertising?

Recently, a Coach customer wrote to us with a question about advertising — she wanted to know which type of advertising she should use to promote her […]

A recap of our 10 latest features

Every day we get feature requests from customers like you. There are the simple requests like… Then there’s the complex asks… And then there’s the “other” category…. ? . […]

You can now drip courses on Coach

A couple weeks ago, we wrote drip courses vs self-paced courses: which is right for you? in anticipation of today’s announcement: drip courses are now […]

5 legitimate ways for creators to make money online from home

There are literally thousands of ways to make money online from home, but for the purposes of this article, we are only focusing on long-term, […]

Drip courses vs self-paced courses: which is right for you?

When it comes to online courses, our customers often ask us: Should I offer all of my online course upfront for everyone who buys, OR, should […]

The 5 fundamentals of great online course branding

When most people think of online course branding, they think “branding” means design. But the reality is, branding is so much more than just visual design. Branding […]

International currencies are now available on Coach!

For all of our international customers, we have some good news: you no longer have to accept payments in United States Dollars! Starting today, many of […]