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Home to Indusgeeks, a multi-award winning game based & simulation based training company. We work across all industry verticals and processes with special emphasis on soft skills training. Our customized learning solutions are cost efficient, LMS compatible and are designed for mobile, desktop & virtual reality devices. For almost a decade, we’ve had the privilege of working with Fortune1000 companies, defense organizations & governments worldwide to transform their training content into more gamified, interactive, immersive & narrative-driven experiences. Our expertise in creating engaging training content and delivery frameworks makes us the right partner to train your millennial workforce.

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In today’s corporate training landscape, there are vastly different approaches to solve a key problem – how do I, as the head of my company’s […]

The 2 Big reasons why game based learning is the future of training

According to a number of research studies being conducted annually, it’s becoming more and more apparent that game based learning and gamification are definitely one […]

Game Based Learning and Onboarding

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In the fiercely competitive sales environment, companies look for the innovative ways of increasing their sales volumes. This can be achieved by a motivated and […]

Industries that Benefit from Virtual Reality Training

Game based training is becoming a widely accepted approach within several industry verticals. Since its arrival, it has showcased two primary purposes – Increase knowledge […]

Why Your Sales Teams Need Gamification To Move Up The Ante?

The advent of sales gamification marked the beginning of a novel approach to the lackluster sales training. It has emerged as the most potential tool […]

Sales Gamification: A new way to engage and uplift!

When we use the word gamification, we assume and envision games modified in such a way which is helping a business to achieve the parameters […]

We just won a Brandon Hall Gold Award!

  We’re proud to announce that our trophy case is getting one more addition – one of our game-based soft skills solutions, designed for a large […]

Measuring corporate training effectiveness is no longer a nightmare!

According to 2014 Corporate Learning Fact book, US spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year (the highest growth rate in seven years) to […]

Anatomy Of An Ideal Gamification Design For Corporate Training

It is needless to say that gamification has completely transformed the corporate training and learning experience. Simulation-based gamification can engage the learners and motivate them […]

The potential of using Virtual Reality in corporate training

One of the latest leaps in technology have come in the form of wearables. What began as the perfect marriage of technology and utility for […]