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Technology plays a critical role in education. Schools and teachers are in a position to provide quality instruction by leveraging technologies. The effective integration of technology requires teachers be more than knowledgeable about educational technologies. Today's teachers must be able to select the proper instructional tools from a large skill set. It is essential that teachers receive technological coaching in an effort to maintain and support their own technological skill sets.

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Use Trello to Organize your Organization!

I started using Trello about a year ago and it is an amazing collaborative and organizational tool.  To be honest the linkage to my work […]

Clean Reading!

​ This weekend the advertising on websites finally got to me!  I was reading a bit of research and I needed something to streamline the […]

Take a Break and Perform Better!

During exams many of us stress, eat too much and worry without every getting enough exercise.  Check out  “Brain breaks can also improve students’ concentration […]


Dave, a friend of mine, shared the combined use of Student Blogs and Netvibes.  He uses the student blogs to increase writing in his classes, […]

You Deserve a Break!

We are all working very hard right now and sometimes we work so hard we forget to take the all important break.  Breaks give us […]

Get even more ORGANIZED!

Are you missing the free version of Evernote?  Me too!  I dumped it for NOTEBOOK this week and it is awesome. Notebook is a super sleek […]

Get Orgainized BEFORE it is too late!

I am always on the look out for great organizers. is just that.  It provides a single place where students or teachers can build […]

Desmos creates AMAZING graphs and artwork!

Many of you know that I am no math wizard.  That being said I recently stumbled upon  This is an amazing graphing calculator tool. […]

Edit Those Photos!

I love those apps (SnapChat, Instagram, etc) that allow you to manipulate your own images. is a great photo editor that is free and above […]

Avoid the Fakes and Get Real News!

I am working with classes on researching controversial issues.  It is important to make sure you get both perspectives which means you need some bias […]

Kiddle for CLEAN Searches!

We all go looking for great images and artwork to include in our presentations.  One thing that constantly drives me away from Google’s image search […]

DocHub for PDF’s and Mark-Up’s!

I am always on the lookout for free ways to work with PDF documents. DocHub is not a new program, however they have reached a […]