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The Costs Associated with an Open Source LMS - Part 2

Last week we published an article on the Hidden Costs of an Open Source LMS - we covered services and extended features, including LMS Support, […]

The Costs Associated with an Open Source LMS

The iceberg analogy is one we use often when discussing implementations. Buyers spend a great deal of time looking for the LMS features that they […]

LMS Hosting with a Digital Media Library

The idea behind online learning and eLearning, is to utilize technology to engage learners with course material in a dynamic and interactive way. Modern online […]

2017 Forecast: 9 HR Trends Disrupting the Market - Part 3

We previously published Part 1 and Part 2 of our recap of Bersin by Deloitte's report, HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the […]

2016 Corporate Training Trends

The LMS market is projected to reach $11 billion in worth 2020. With this anticipated growth, corporate training investments are also steadily inclining - there […]

Seeking LMS Reporting and Analytics? A Solution Checklist

LMS Reporting for open source learning is one of the top pain points among Moodle and Totara  users. Moodle reporting needs are often complex, and […]

Language Capabilities of Moodle LMS

Questions about Moodle's language capabilities are ones that we get often here at Lambda. The multi-language capabilities in Moodle can be used to teach new […]

Getting Started with eLearning Gamification - Components

Now that you have a deep understanding of how Gamification and Game Based Learning differ, it’s time to begin considering the Gamification elements that will […]

Integrating a Learning Library with Moodle LMS, the world’s largest archive of free K-12 educational material, recently announced that their library of over a million resources will now be integrated with […]

The LMS Reporting and Learning Analytics Gap

Based on feedback from a few of our reporting webinars, it’s become apparent to us that there is a clear gap and challenge when it […]

Moodle Hosting and Support for Non-Profits

Deliver Learning Anywhere The Neil Squire Society recently partnered with Lambda Solutions to deliver online learning to over 1,500 people across Canada. With the mission […]

Blended Learning Models for Improving Reading Proficiency in K-12

One major challenge teachers face, is how to effectively and efficiently teach students with varying educatonal needs. The solution, is blended learning. One of the […]