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What is the cmi5 moveOn criteria? End the confusion.

The cmi5 specification includes a moveOn property in the course structure?  Why?  What’s it there for?  In this article I will attempt to end the […]

Satisfying Competencies with Performance Checklists

Competency assessments within VTA provide a great way to ensure employees are qualified for their jobs, establish an inventory of skills within your organization and […]

What is the cmi5 Publisher ID? End the confusion.

The cmi5 specification calls for a “publisher ID” to be placed in the context extensions of an xAPI statement.  But what is the cmi5 publisher […]

Learning Corner: Andrew Downes on Data Portability

This month’s edition of Learning Corner features guest contributor Andrew Downes, a Learning and Interoperability Consultant with Watershed LRS, discussing data portability and how to […]

Anatomy of an xAPI Statement – Part 2

This is the second of a two part article describing the different components of an xAPI statement.  In part one we covered the Actor, Verb […]

Learning Corner: Sarah Gilbert on Mobile Development

Mobile Development & Design in Learning & Development In this month’s edition of ‘Learning Corner,’ our guest contributor is Sarah Gilbert, who shares her expert […]

FocusOn Learning 2016 Recap

We’re pleased to have a contributor blog post by Debbie Richards, president of Creative Interactive Ideas and an ATD Houston chapter board member, recapping the inaugural FocusOn Learning Conference! […]

Anatomy of an xAPI Statement – Part 1

By now you’ve probably learned that an xAPI statement stores better, more usable data than SCORM.  When some people see the flexibility of xAPI, their […]

Learning Corner: Brian Dusablon

Our guest contributor this month is Brian Dusablon. Most people call him Duce (and, in games and forums, Motherduce). He’s a dad, coach, geek, athlete, entrepreneur, […]

Mission eLearning: Houston Food Bank

RISC’s leadership team was on a mission to find the right project, where we could benefit a deserving organization in the Houston community by using […]

xAPI – Where’s the data? Creating statements for learning events.

xAPI Overview The experience API (xAPI) was developed to help track learning experiences that haven’t been easy to capture in a traditional learning platform.  There […]

Learning Corner: Monica Savage

Learning Solutions Conference 2016 – expectations before the journey This month’s ‘Learning Corner’ contributor is Monica Savage, President of Obsidian, who has a structured yet flexible approach to […]