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Gamification vs Game-Based Learning: What’s the Difference?

Every year, the NCAA invites people from all over the world to participate in one of college sports greatest spectacles: March Madness. If you are […]

Learning Science Word Salad: 14 Terms to Know

What percentage of your learning content are you okay with people forgetting? This is a question we often ask our clients. We ask this because we […]

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Learning Games

You have a clear business problem, a related instructional goal, and a desire to incorporate learning games to help you achieve your instructional goal. But […]

How Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp’s Learning Game Design Process Works

Last week we announced Sharon Boller and Dr. Karl Kapp’s new book on learning game design on the BLP blog. It’s called “Play to Learn: […]

Creating a Drive game for play in a language other than English

Have a Spanish-speaking audience that you want to play a Drive game? No problem. Drive games can be created in seven languages besides English: Chinese French […]

Spacing Options Available in Quest

Knowledge Guru allows you to customize how often players can access your Quest game. Game spacing can be a critical component of successful learning design. In […]

How Big Should a Knowledge Guru Game Be?

Customers frequently ask us, “How long will it take for someone to play a game?” The answer depends on how many questions you include in […]

Why Adults Should Love Game-Based Learning

I’m publishing this blog on Valentine’s Day, a day that is supposed to be all about love. This blog is about love, but not the romantic […]

Monitoring and Analyzing Player Mastery, Confidence and Engagement in Drive

Drive monitors and reports on three critical player attributes that work together to provide you with information that influence a player’s performance in Drive: confidence, […]

What You Can Customize in Drive

The Knowledge Guru Drive authoring tool allows you to create a Drive game that’s unique to your organization by customizing it with names, logos, registration […]

How to Maximize Game Security in Knowledge Guru Drive

The best way to maximize security in Knowledge Guru is to control player registration options. The default setting in Knowledge Guru is to allow anyone […]

How to Remove Players from Drive Games

All Knowledge Guru accounts come with a maximum number of players. Periodically, you may want to delete players to help you stay within your limits. […]