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A node amongst nodes. Sharing ideas about Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation as I travel through a M.Ed. Drop by and please lend me your thoughts.

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Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset

Image from Chapter 3 “The Innovator’s Mindset” (Couros, 2015)   My response to Chapter 3: The innovator’s mindset: Empowering learning, unleash talent and lead a […]

A plunge into research – waving not drowning.

This page is under construction (April 2017): Embed from Getty Images Construction and Analysis of Research Questions From research question to research design

A Pedagogy First School

My response to Chapter 2: The innovator’s mindset: Empowering learning, unleash talent, and lead a culture of creativity (Couros, 2015) What keeps resonating with me […]

Revisiting Innovation

Mr reflections and meanderings in response to Chapter 1: What Innovation Is and Isn’t (Couros, 2015). Embed from Getty Images   Almost every sentence of […]

Slow down Simon

Embed from Getty Images For some not so light holiday reading, I have downloaded a couple of books that focus on leading innovation in education. […]

Conceiving Spaces for Learning – A Literature Critique

A Literature Critique (Written 2014 for INF536) This discourse explores the six publications listed below in an attempt to give voice to the challenges facing […]

Literature in Digital Environments

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People and Pedagogy

Embed from Getty Images The DLTV annual DiGiCon Conference 2016, held at the Swinburne University Hawthorn Campus was a professionally invigorating experience. The conference reminded me that […]

What’s this blog all about?

I have been reading a Blog written by Neville Smit at Neville is an online character in the MMORPG, Eve Online. What? Yep, you […]

I am a gamer: In the presence of avatars.

A final reflection on Game Based Learning. #INF541 i am a gamer I began this unit of learning by stating that “my personal game history […]

Know is a verb. Knowledge is a noun.

When immersed in writing for my Masters of Education program I begin to wake in the morning with ideas that are trying to crystallise. I […]

How do I fly this thing? Information Behaviour.

What is information behaviour? The many ways in which human beings interact with information, in particular the ways in which people seek and utilise information. […]