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Why Continued Corporate Training Market Growth is Great News For Online Learning Content Providers

According to Markets and Research, "the global eLearning market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 7.2% over the next decade to reach […]

3 Tips for Appealing to the Modern Learner

As you design your content strategy, remember the person you're selling to. The modern learner has expectations and requirements that are different from even a […]

Customer Success Spotlight: Active Interest Media

Whether delivering content and education to consumers who are trying to learn new hobbies and enrich their lives, or training and certifying professionals for career development and […]

Shooting High-Quality Video For Online Courses (On a Budget)

Our clients ask us all the time for information on how to shoot high-quality video for online courses and learning experiences.  Some organizations already have […]

Packaging Your Content for Monetization

Across the customer bases of our clients, we have seen a high correlation between learning and buying. When somebody wants to polish skills, reach new […]

How to Convert Your Content into Paid Learning

If your organization already has ample content on hand -- from whitepapers, webinars, the customer support knowledgebase, new product specifications and documentation and similar materials […]'s Review of Thought Industries

There are currently over 650 LMS providers in the marketplace with more and more being added each year. With such a wide variety of options available […]

Selling and Merchandising Online Courses on Your Site: Best Practices for Increased Conversion

Buying an online course is a big decision and never, ever an impulse buy at any price. Whether the learner is setting out to improve […]

Online Learning: Keeping Your Sales Team and Channel 100% in the Know!

Are your sales teams, distributors, retailers and channel partners maximizing their full revenue potential? When the obvious benefit and value proposition of commonly recognized goods […]

6 Essential Tips for Marketing Online Courses

At Thought Industries we are fortunate to work with a lot of successful organizations in the for-profit learning industry.  Some are in the consumer learning […]

How to Improve the Creation and Delivery of Online Learning for Continuing Education

Thanks to the rise of cloud-based technology, modern professional development and training have changed significantly, and for the better. Continuing education made a giant leap forward […]

Online Learning Technology: Buying vs. Building

When new industries and business models begin to emerge, companies have to make do with home-grown software to run their businesses because the technology platforms […]