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TrainingFolks is a global provider of custom learning solutions, consulting, and contingent workforce services. Combining award-winning adult learning experience with a proven engagement methodology that includes a talented network of learning professionals, TrainingFolks collaborates with our clients to implement change.

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Reskilling Current Employees for Future Workforce Needs

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY   Changes in the workforce such as the introduction of new technologies, a focus on work-life balance, and the unique […]

The Key Benefits of Mobile Learning

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY As we get further into 2017, the corporate learning industry and its Learning Leaders are starting to look at new […]

How Microlearning Can Achieve Learning Objectives

TIPS FROM YOUR CORPORATE TRAINING COMPANY Microlearning is one of a handful of emerging trends for the years ahead.  This makes sense seeing as how […]

Losing Your Millennials?  Get the Right Training In Place!

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY Ah the Millennials.  For many Baby Boomers like me, they seem like a whole new breed of employee, colleague and […]

The Impacts of Social Media on Your Business


Create Customer Service Excellence with e-Learning

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY The customer experience has never been as important to the outcome of a business as it is today.  With social […]

Successfully Managing Your Remote Workforce

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY Effectively managing remote employees is sometimes easier said than done for many managers.  This is due to things like a […]

Bad Hire or Bad Employee Onboarding

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY I’ve personally worked in a number of organizations where I’ve seen some of the best and some of the absolute […]

Combat Employee Turnover with Employee Engagement


Ensuring Effective Instructor Led Training (ILT)

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY   With the number of changes that the workforce continues to experience, the question around the effectiveness of Instructor Led […]

Trends in Corporate Learning Delivery


Why Do I Need A Training Needs Analysis Anyway?

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY It’s an age old story.  Learning leader Janet has to implement a new technology training rollout for global offices in […]