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Beyond Kirkpatrick: determine the ROI of your training program in 6 steps

You have probably heard the standard opinions: even though communication training may help awareness, self-confidence and recognition, it remains something that is ‘nice to have’. […]

4 strategic advantages of HR analytics

HR analytics is the new HRM gold. To put it differently: basing decisions on valuable insights from ‘big data’ has been on the rise in […]

Ajzen’s 4 Tips for Successful Behavior Change in Your Organization

Many prefer the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty. The same goes for behavior: You can experiment with it, but that can be […]

Infographic: 8 principles of brain learning in online training

We've talked about implementation of scientific insights in online training multiple times before. Live training days are usually based on the same principles, but online […]

Attention multinationals: how you train communication worldwide just in time

The world is getting smaller and the multinationals are getting bigger. This means that your employees have to communicate with more and more different cultures. […]

Never want to make a blunder in professional communication ever again?

Blunders in company of professionals: sometimes you can laugh about it afterwards, but on that moment you might prefer to die of embarrassment. When you […]

Six No-Brainers for E-Training

While more and more organizations are taking the step toward e-training, some are still dreading the change that they will have to manage. Every company […]

21st century skills: in 5 steps from buzzword to better soft skills development

Not too long ago, a focus on soft skills in academia was met with a serious amount of scepticism. By now however, ‘21st century skills’ […]

Improving intercultural communication in 5 steps

Because of globalization, migration and technological developments, more people from different cultures are working together, both within organizations and between organizations. Without the required experience, […]

5 tips for training the communication skills of students

On average, there is little space for training communication skills within academic education. This makes sense, as a role play with 150 students can be […]

Quiz: Is your organization ready for e-training?

Communication skills are being developed online more and more. However, not every organisation is ready for it yet. As a HR, L&D or training manager […]

5 more examples of brain learning in online training programs

The popularity of brain learning creates increasingly more translations of findings in neuro science into perspectives on learning and development, specifically concerning communication skills. We […]