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Training online communication: 4 methods

Nowadays, everything can be done online. Even training! With use of online instruction you can train your physical fitness or do memory games, for instance. […]

Infographic: How soft skills help deliver a world class presentation

Roughly 3 out of 4 people admit to being scared of public speaking. That’s a lot. In this infographic, Hong Kong based management style and […]

Video: Filming online role plays at TrainTool

When a video shoot takes place at TrainTool, the project manager plays an important role. When recording the video role plays for a new training […]

Infographic: 12 striking statistics about video in training

Video is the medium of the moment. Not only does it take over all social media, it's also time to improve your communication training with […]

Customer friendliness, even when the customer is unfriendly?

Nowadays, topics like customer service and customer focus are top priority for many organizations. Employees are encouraged to make sure each and every customer gets […]

3 examples of design thinking in soft skills training

When developing a training program in which you want to teach your employees a lot of new information within a short timeframe, there is a […]

Infographic: Microtraining & how to do it!

The brain of the modern man has gone through some profound developments. Our increasing digital dependence is accompanied by a shorter attention span and distractions […]

4 ways to implement multiple-choice questions in online training

Within a training program, practicing is the most important. But the participant has to be prepared first! Does he or she know the relevant theories […]

Free Download: E-training: 2016 in numbers

When do people train? For decades, the answer was simple: on the day they gathered together for a live session. However, since the introduction of online […]

Infographic: 10 striking statistics about mobile training

When do people train? For decades, the answer was simple: on the day they gathered together for a livesession. However, since the introduction of online […]

Filming video role plays: 10 tips for excellent clips

Enhancing your communication skills training with exercises that are available anytime and anywhere, how does that sound? It’s possible using online video role plays, in […]

Graduated and ready for the job market! Or maybe not?

Imagine: you’re a recently graduated student, receiving your diploma with a sky high GPA. You’re all ready and set to start your career. You’re intelligent, […]