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Free Download: E-training: 2016 in numbers

When do people train? For decades, the answer was simple: on the day they gathered together for a live session. However, since the introduction of online […]

Infographic: 10 striking statistics about mobile training

When do people train? For decades, the answer was simple: on the day they gathered together for a livesession. However, since the introduction of online […]

Filming video role plays: 10 tips for excellent clips

Enhancing your communication skills training with exercises that are available anytime and anywhere, how does that sound? It’s possible using online video role plays, in […]

Graduated and ready for the job market! Or maybe not?

Imagine: you’re a recently graduated student, receiving your diploma with a sky high GPA. You’re all ready and set to start your career. You’re intelligent, […]

Writing video role plays: 5 tips for the perfect script!

Video role-playing makes training soft skills a lot more efficient and flexible. However, as with live role plays, it is essential to make them both […]

Infographic: the do's and don'ts of presenting

Some of us might never get comfortable with it, but presenting is here to stay! When giving a presentation, a good preparation is everything. Presenting […]

How to develop the manager 2.0

The modern manager does not have a simple life. While they are combining servant leadership with performance-driven coaching to self-directing teams, colleagues are constantly giving […]

Learning in circles: The 4 stages of David Kolb

When we try to understand the process of learning and training, the name of one particular man and his model often emerge: David Kolb. In […]

Checklist: Are you motivating your employees?

Are your employees always happy to join a new training? We all hope that they are, but in reality that is just not always the case. […]

Six No-Brainers for E-Training

While more and more organizations are taking the step toward e-training, some are still dreading the change that they will have to manage. Every company […]

Never want to make a blunder in professional communication ever again?

Blunders in company of professionals: sometimes you can laugh about it afterwards, but on that moment you might prefer to die of embarrassment. When you […]

Attention multinationals: how you train communication worldwide just in time

The world is getting smaller and the multinationals are getting bigger. This means that your employees have to communicate with more and more different cultures. […]