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My blog covers a range of language arts challenges for elementary teachers and students with a special emphasis on technology challenges and solutions.

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Building Phonological, Phonics, and Early Reader Skills

Sound It Out: The Game VocabularySpellingCity is broadly used in upper elementary grades (over 10% in the US!) and now has added Sound It Out, which strengthens […]

Elementary Students: Owning the Learning

One of the brightest trends that I see in education today is a broad nationwide move to have students own their learning and to adopt a growth […]

Students: Creating Lists, Owning Learning

Everyone would like it if students took more “ownership” of their learning. Students would like it, and so would parents and teachers. VocabularySpellingCity makes it […]

It all started with a tweet.

Sometimes a mistake can turn into a success. While browsing Twitter the other day, something caught my eye: a tweet mentioning the must-have 20 books […]

Coding Careers in Action: Kids tried professional life, and I felt like a kid again. We all learned a lot.

We were excited to welcome Somerset Academy Davie students into our offices on Dec. 7 for our first day of Coding Careers in Action. In […]

Educational Tech Career Days: Building on the Hour of Code Movement

In my visits to elementary schools, especially the Title I schools with deeply disadvantaged students, I often wonder what more we can do for the students […]

Insights from Literacy Expert Tim Rasinski on Vocabulary and Comprehension

VocabularySpellingCity sponsored a webinar Dec. 1 with one of my favorite literacy heroes, Dr. Timothy Rasinski. His message on the importance of  automaticity in word […]

Cursive Instruction is Disappearing. Is There a Compelling Case to Save It?

This is a tough one to answer. While an overwhelming amount of evidence shows the benefits of writing by hand, few studies differentiate between print […]

Making new friends at ARA Literacy Conference: ‘A great event’ from the start

VocabularySpellingCity literacy experts Barbara Kruger and Laura Kupres found the Nov. 17-18 Arkansas Reading Association Literacy Conference rewarding before they arrived: On the shuttle from […]

At Broward Ed Talk, Students Take the Lead in Exploring ‘Courageous Conversations’

Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie opened a discussion forum with the promise “to educate all students to succeed in tomorrow’s world.” “This is […]

How to Give Feedback on Your Children’s Writing (No Judgment!)

Writing, for most of us, is deeply personal, and feels like a reflection of who we are, how we are perceived. So often, providing feedback […]

Automaticity in Word Learning: That’s the Goal

Students who read words, but don’t understand them, often struggle with comprehension. Tim Rasinski, a  renowned professor of literacy education whose research on reading fluency […]