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Giving Learners More Control in eLearning: What Does the Research Say?

Does giving learners more control of the way they navigate through an elearning program help them or hurt them? Before I tell you what the […]

Definition of MicroLearning

I've looked for a good definition of microlearning, but because I couldn't find one, I've created my own. Microlearning involves the use of: “Relatively short […]

Will's History of Spacing Out on Learning

As you know, if you've dabbled into my work for a few years, I've closely followed the research finding, "The Spacing Effect," both from a […]

Five Reasons Learners Experience the Spacing Effect

The spacing effect, if not the most studied learning factor, is certainly in the top five. As Harry Bahrick and Lynda Hall said in 2005, […]

Neon Elephant Award 2016

I am delighted to announce that The 2016 Neon Elephant Award goes to Pedro De Bruyckere, Paul A. Kirschner, and Casper D. Hulshof for their […]

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I must be in a bad mood -- or maybe I've been unlucky in clinking on links -- but this infographic is horrifying. Indeed, it's […]

Jobs in Learning Measurement -- Let's Try Something

Dear Readers, Many of you are now following me and my social-media presence because you're interested in LEARNING MEASUREMENT. Probably because of my recent book […]

Stop the Madness -- Animated Screen Writing in eLearning

Is anyone else getting completely annoyed watching someone's hand draw and write on videos and elearning? OMG! It's beginning to drive me nuts! What the […]

Testing for Instructional Designers -- A Common Mistake

Somebody sent me a link to a YouTube video today -- a video created to explain to laypeople what instructional design is. Most of it […]

Improving Our Performance in Watching the Presidential Debates

I work in the learning-and-performance field. I watched the first two presidential debates. They were problematic to say the least. So, I thought to myself, […]

Providing Feedback on Quiz Questions -- Yes or No?

I was asked today the following question from a learning professional in a large company: It will come as no surprise that we create a […]

Fitness Training Supports Improved Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults

A 2003 meta-analysis found that fitness training was likely to improve cognitive functioning in older adults. I'm reprising this because it is one of Psychological […]