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Wired Learning Designs blog offers fresh insight and knowledge on trends in e-learning as well as sound instructional design advice. The voice behind the words is Dr. Kelly Edmonds, an e-learning specialist and leader in her field.

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Design vs. Develop vs. Marketing an E-Course: What’s the Diff?

Currently, there are educational offers on how to create an e-course that focus on choosing a topic for your market’s needs, how to brand and […]

Match the Right Activity with Your Course Content

What is the one type of activity that you can expect from most online courses? A worksheet, right? This is a common form of activity […]

Course Spotlight – The Art of Uncoupling®

Name of course: The Art of Uncoupling® Website: www.programs.warmlyeileen.com/courses/art-of-uncoupling Description: The Art of Uncoupling® was created as a safe and healing space for students to […]

Course Spotlight – The Sheroes Journey

Name of course: The Sheroes Journey Website: http://www.michelleanitawirta.com/thesheroesjourneyimmersioncourse/ Description: This is a group intensive course, live and online, that is based on the classic tale […]

How to Build a Spiritual Online Course

I’ve been creating a number of spiritual-based online courses and wanted to share how best to structure these sensitive pieces and the essential key elements […]

Launching a QUALITY Online Course

You are nearly ready to launch your e-course but are very nervous if it will cut the grade. You fret, “Is it good enough?” This […]

4 Reasons Why Some E-Courses Suck

There are good e-courses and there are those that suck. That latter frustrates the heck out of learners. And I am not surprised at the […]

The Real Costs Behind an E-Course

E-courses are hot commodities for both business owners and buyers. Learn, learn, learn and improve your life. What a great focus. However, what does it […]

Student Spotlight – What’s Your Purpose?

Name of course: What’s Your Purpose Website: https://whats-your-purpose.com/ Description: This 8-week program takes you on a journey of self-discovery where you identify and align your unique priority […]

Student Spotlight – Mindful Pet Parenting

Name of course: What’s Your Purpose Website: http://www.mindfulpetparenting.com/ Description: I help people work mindfully with their new pups, especially those newly acquired at Christmas. Here is my […]

2017 E-Course Trends for the Entrepreneur

E-course trends for 2017 can be summed up into 3 words: Resources not courses. What does this mean? It means learners want information delivered in a […]

Course Launch Meltdowns: Learn How to Avoid Them

I HATE launching! Don’t you? Well, you are not alone on this one. It is such a feat and a half to launch anything – […]