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Flashback: WizIQ in 2016

It’s that time of the year when we look back and introspect, look forward and think what lies ahead and, connect the dots. As we […]

Six reasons why you should always record online classes

Online education is changing the world, and when you record online classes, you get to be a part of a groundbreaking shift in what education can […]

Six reasons why you should use polling in virtual classroom

When it comes to instruction, educators and trainers all aim for perfection — a compelling presentation that engages everyone while conveying information seamlessly and effectively. […]

How to create video courses from PPT

If you’ve ever been subjected to a “Death by PowerPoint“ experience, you have my sympathies. Tolstoy will excuse me if Iparaphrase him – “All engaging PPTs […]

How eLearning analytics are improving content and delivery

We’re all familiar with the value of data. These days, it’s almost impossible to read an article about the future of any industry without hearing […]

WizIQ bags the top spot in GetApp’s Learning Management System rankings for Q4 2016

WizIQ has recently topped the list of GetApp’s Top 25 Learning Management System Category Leaders based in the cloud – for the fourth quarter of 2016. […]

WizIQ iOS mobile app is the first online learning delivery app to support iOS 10

“M-Learning is the future of eLearning. Currently, it’s in its infancy stage.” A cliché as old as the term ‘mobile learning’ itself. Mobile represents 65% […]

4 Ways To Reduce Attrition in Online Courses

Online education has a promising future. Students across the world are opting for online courses. However, low completion rate has always been a matter of […]

5 tips to make online course landing page gorgeous

Great curriculum? Check. Helpful visuals? Got it. Experience with and excitement about educational technology? Check and check. Online course landing page? Uhh…Err… The latter item is […]

Re-imagining education using technology

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and analyze why and how education ripened for disruption – technological disruption, precisely. Is technology really required […]

Breakout rooms in virtual classrooms: why and how

One of the biggest “real life” equivalents often missing from online learning is the ability to easily split students into smaller groups. Non-online teachers have […]

Moodle 3.0 – 10 Frequently Asked Questions

With version 3.0, released in November 2015, using Moodle for e-learning venture has become easier and more efficient than ever. Moodle 3.0 brought a number […]