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Wranx provides a continual training and assessment app to help HR and Learning and Development professionals extend their training and communication strategies out of the classroom and office. It does this by delivering continual, ongoing training and assessment direct to any employee desktop, tablet or smartphone. It uses scientifically proven advanced learning techniques like Spaced Repetition and the 70/20/10 model to deliver better results than any other methodology.

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The Millennial Question: Whose tech is it anyway?

Towards the end of 2016, a short video emerged on social media, featuring an interview with Simon Sinek, entitled The Millennial Question, which featured in […]

Success for Wranx at Learning Technologies 2017!

We had a fantastic time last week at the Learning Technologies exhibition, which took place in London Olympia. The event is Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning […]

What colour is your personality? : Targeted training for The Palette Of Personalities

The training needs of organisations are many and various. With so many variables, the hunt is always on for a responsive, reactive method which enthuses […]

Little and often – the thought behind Spaced Repetition

Many people think that the teaching technique known as spaced repetition, which has gained more and more traction over recent years with language learning apps […]

Themes in learning in 2016 – where we are and what’s around the corner

As we have completed another year of learning in the workplace, we are faced with an opportunity to look at developments, and to note several […]

New Year, new budget – “Can we afford to train?”

2016, a year not without its challenges, it must be said. A year which demonstrated so clearly how quickly and fluidly our world now moves, […]

Gamification in education – what’s in it for students?

We all know about gamification, it has been around for some time now. The world of Learning and Development knows gamification well. They’re like old […]

Overriding the overload of our work time

Before you read this, ask yourself….have you got the time? Are you reading it because you want to or because you have to? Or are […]

Leadership – Whose job? What job? When?

‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’ So said John F. Kennedy, but how do the two things become so inseparable, so reliant on […]

Lifelong learning: the need to keep on keeping on

We live to learn, just as we learn to live. Learning is a process without end, a journey without conclusion. We learn through the way […]

The Seinfeld effect – maintaining the chain to the brain

Yep. You read that right. Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld, the American comedian. A man with obvious and valuable advice for those in Learning and Development, you’re […]

Wranx announced as a finalist for The Learning Awards!

  News alert!! We have been announced as a finalist for The Learning Awards! This week we were delighted to hear that Wranx has been shortlisted for the […]