Captivate 2017 and Responsive Design. Personal Experience

I have created a microlearning project to test new responsive features of Captivate 2017. (Here is the link.) In this article, I will review several issues that I faced while creating this demo.

The introduction of fluid boxes is a step forward compared to previous breakpoint mode. Designing for mobile devices is less time-consuming now. I only wish that Captivate had a separate tab for fluid boxes. It takes a lot of random clicking and moving a mouse before you can finally locate a fluid box selector.

Font issues

The new version of Captivate has less font customization options for responsive projects. In the old breakpoint system, you could adjust the font on smaller screens, and it would not impact the main desktop version. Now, any change you have made affects all the breakpoints. I had to experiment with different font sizes and ended up going with a smaller font that I would normally choose for a desktop view. Also, if you preview a project on your phone, Captivate might adjust the font to fit the screen.

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