DigiExam and the Future of Assessment

Written by Jack Moran, Reimagine Education

Reimagine Education is an initiative that constantly reiterates the need to reimagine teaching, learning, and the way in which educational institutions prepare students for the employment market. Those two words – teaching and learning – feature at the heart of our conversations, project submissions, and the plenaries and panels that occur at December’s conference. Each year, we are fortunate enough to receive a global overview of how educators are trying to transform these two interlinked processes.

This innovation comes in myriad forms and types. One of last year’s most inspiring panels at the 2016 Reimagine Education conference was that which focused on alternative university models, where the innovation is fundamental and radical. Ben Nelson and his Minerva Project seek to take students away from a single fixed campus and turn the university experience into a global tour. In similarly iconoclastic vein, Brittany Bir and 42 have dispensed with lectures, homework, and, perhaps most strikingly, formal exams.

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