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Importance of Mobile Accessibility in New Age eLearning

Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 “HCM Outlook” survey reported that mobile learning was among the top three learning priorities for companies. Markets and Markets reported that, “the […]

The Soothsayer Speaks: The Future of eLearning

 Future is such a profound word. Its intriguing and mysterious, but as far as technology goes futuristic things happen almost every day. Borrowing Ray Kurzweil […]

BizLibrary, a Leader in Online Employee Training Solutions, Opens Registration for June 2017 Webinars

BizLibrary, a leader in online employee training, opens registration for June 2017 webinars. Expert presenters in June include Lisa Bodell, Lori Kleiman and Eve Ash. […]

What Is Your Employee Training Strategy: Push or Pull?

How do you know if your employee training strategy is appropriate for your organization? How do you figure out what will work better – push […]

42 Resources for Engaging and Managing Remote Employees

Leaders and managers need tools at their fingertips to help them adapt to working with remote employees, so we've compiled 42 different resources to provide […]

How To Manage Time Effectively (and Efficiently)

When defining time management, the terms "effective" and "efficient" are often used. However, most of us tend to use them interchangeably. The post How To […]

Managing Personal and Professional Priorities

Whether we like it or not, our work life affects what we prioritize in our home life, and vice versa. The relationships between work and […]

Can Corporate Training Solve Your Organizational Challenges?

If you’re looking for a silver bullet to solve all the problems that exist within your organization you’ve stumbled across the wrong article. I regret […]

5 Alternative Uses of Microsoft PowerPoint (Because it’s Not Just for Presentations!)

What is a Microsoft PowerPoint used for? A lot of different things. Here's five alternative, creative uses of PowerPoint.

Embed Learning in the Workflow for Greater Results

There have been so many studies done and results published insisting that one-off training isn’t very effective. We use that phrase—one-off training—quite a bit on […]

The Compelling Case to Connect Learning to Organizational Performance

Organizations have the power to determine whether training programs have the impact they’re supposed to, but the majority of them still rely on outdated measures […]

5 Steps to Scripting Great Microlearning Videos

Video is used all over the place for educational content. You're going to find it one of the most effective media in your toolkit because it's […]