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Hacking the Forgetting Curve

We're excited to have Oded Ilan, Chief Marketing Officer of Iridize, join our Guest BYTE speaker list on January 31. In support of his upcoming live […]

5 Tips for Creating Better Global Virtual Training

As trainers, educators and Learning Experience Architects, we depend on establishing a rapport with our learners to create a supportive learning environment. Encouraging this environment […]

Defining 5 Modern Instructional Strategies

We have explored some new language of learning definitions this week, so let’s continue our exploration by defining a few different instructional strategies that we […]

EdTech Tools and Apps For Creating Knowledge-Based Content

We opened this series by introducing six technology toolbox compartments that are used in blended learning to provide content, develop interaction, and perform assessment. Knowing […]

Giving Back to Your Personal Learning Network

Last week, we discussed ways to manage your Personal Learning Network (PLN) without becoming overwhelmed. Once you have constructed your personal learning path, and identified […]

The learning continues: Saffron Interactive sponsors Learning Technologies 2017

Saffron Interactive, the award-winning learning and performance company, is sponsoring and exhibiting at stand E15 at the Learning Technologies 2017 show. The event takes place […]

Reflect to impress – the power of reflection

One of my Saffron colleagues wrote a blog last year, Musings on my performance appraisal, in which he considered how he could build time into […]

Webinar to Introduce the new TRAIN Learning Platform

KMI and the Public Health Foundation (PHF) are pleased to announce the launch of the rebuilt, modern version of the TRAIN Learning Platform used by over […]

The power of modern instructional design to transform your digital content

How would you describe the role of a modern Instructional Designer (ID)? What exactly is instructional design and why is it important? Historically we have […]

Free tools and advice for creating responsive eLearning content

  In late 2016, research by Statcounter showed that more websites were loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop or laptop computers for the […]

Why most entrepreneurs fail

Did you know that most entrepreneurs fail because they create a product that no one wants? That’s right. They create something that they thought was a […]

Why being a Parentpreneur is a really good thing for you and your family

A lot of articles (including my own!) focus on the risks, downsides and dangers of entrepreneurship, as it pays to make well-informed decisions. However, if […]