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Introduction to xAPI with Andrew Downes

An interview with Andrew Downes from Watershed LRS about xAPI. Subscribe using your favourite podcast player Links from the podcast Watershed LRS Five Steps to […]

3 Leadership Tips to Communicate During VUCA Times

Whether you are a brand-new leader, an emerging leader, a mid-career leader, or a leader looking to retire within the next 10 years, you are […]

Webinar: Getting started in digital learning for trainers and consultants

The world of work and learning is changing. Employees and organisations are demanding more-flexible, shorter learning experiences. There is also a shift away from learning […]

What is the Impact on Leadership when Outsourcing Production?

One of the most important decisions a leader will ever make is to outsource production of their products to a third party contract manufacturing organization […]

Overcoming Life Sciences Compliance Challenges – Part 1

The compliance challenges facing companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries continue to grow. Functioning in a fully compliant and ethical manner in the […]

10 Useful Phrases to Help You Interact With French People When in France

These everyday useful phrases in French language are a must for anyone planning a visit to France and to make your trip a memorable experience.

10 Strange Words That Actually Exist in the Oxford English Dictionary

English is a funny language! We know that already. After all, 'A fat chance' and 'A slim chance' in English have the same meaning. We […]

Checklist: Are you motivating your employees?

Are your employees always happy to join a new training? We all hope that they are, but in reality that is just not always the case. […]

6 Steps For Moving Into a Leadership Position

Very few of us want to wallow in nameless obscurity forever, but if you're wanting to move into a leadership position, it'll take some work. […]

BizLibrary to Exhibit at ATD 2017 Conference & Expo

BizLibrary will be attending the ATD 2017 Conference and Expo, to be held in Atlanta, GA from 5/21-5/24. Visit us in booth 1530! The post […]

4 Key Elements of a Successful Microlearning Course

Microlearning stands for learning that is targeted, focused, goal-oriented and much more. It can be used to prep the learners, build curiosity, to deliver the […]

Not Another Blog on Millennials: Your Onboarding Should Be For Everyone

It's easy to get caught up in the line-drawing generational stereotype game. For good reason. It's affirming to be a part of something bigger than […]