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Closing the 5 Reinforcement Gaps

It’s a common misconception that just because someone has been trained, that they will be able to use the knowledge and skills learned during their […]

How to offer effective and useful personal tutoring to maximise student attainment

The Personal Tutoring system is part of a vital role in enhancing students’ academic and personal potential. To this day, it still remains as part […]

Create Customer Service Excellence with e-Learning

TIPS FROM YOUR TRAINING COMPANY The customer experience has never been as important to the outcome of a business as it is today.  With social […]

The manager's role in learning transfer

An interview with Shaun Sheldrake from Growability about the manager's role in learning transfer. Subscribe using your favourite podcast player Links from the podcast Zenger […]

How Business Simulation Models for 2025 Can Build Skills Today

Written by Robert Brodo, CEO Advantexe   For the second time in a year, I have been asked to start designing a computer-based business simulation […]

Multiple Choice Quiz Makeovers

Peer Ideas to Spark Technology Integration in Your Classroom

Effectively integrating technology into the curriculum can be a challenge. One of the best new avenues that addresses this issue comes in the form of blogs […]

Preventing Mental Block For Our Learners

We all learn at different speeds. The human brain can only absorb so much information at one time. Once the mind shuts down, it’s difficult […]

Why Should Companies Switch to Elearning for Employee Training?

The challenge for companies in a rapidly changing economic environment is to ensure that their employees are equipped with core competences and specific technical skills, […]

10 Languages You Never Knew Existed

The latest figures approximate the number of languages present and practiced around the globe to be 6500. Out of these, about 2000 languages have fewer […]

How Elearning Has Changed Education Forever

It’s not hyperbolic to claim that elearning is rapidly changing the way that we learn. Traditional learning environments will always have an important part to […]

Infographic: 8 principles of brain learning in online training

We've talked about implementation of scientific insights in online training multiple times before. Live training days are usually based on the same principles, but online […]