Here’s an idea you can build with Rogain game type. Set up simple rogain game, and announce that the winner is the team who gets […]

Eventprof news- Linkfeast 46

Linkfeast sums up the most interesting buzz in the event industry. This week surprises us with thoughts about creating experiences; putting microlearning into practical context […]

Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Eight

if( document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ) ) document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ).insertAdjacentHTML( "beforebegin", "" ); Extrinsic Reward Behavioural Management and Cognitive Behavioural Representation, Learning from Studies in Addiction Medicine: […]

Changes in the account menu

To make browsing in the account settings in Loquiz pro easier, we have slightly changed the menu. You can access it from the top right […]

Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Seven

if( document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ) ) document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ).insertAdjacentHTML( "beforebegin", "" ); Distributed Gameworld Knowledge Structures Mobile gameworlds are a big thing. Mobile games, including poker […]

Why Adults Should Love Game-Based Learning

I’m publishing this blog on Valentine’s Day, a day that is supposed to be all about love. This blog is about love, but not the romantic […]

Are You Ready to Take the Learner Persona Challenge?

Learner Personas are a fictional representation of your targeted learners. They are based on real data about learner demographics and behavior, along with educated speculation […]

Introducing VR with Purpose

The main focus for VR in 2016 was the technology. How good is it, what is the difference between the various platforms, and perhaps most […]

What devices should I purchase for the games I run at events? Eventprofs share their experiences.

One of the most common questions we get is that what kind of devices should event company purchase to run games.  Considering operation system it […]

Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Six

Social Learning and Social Network-Based Collaborative Problem Solving In this installment of our series on emerging digital learning technologies we are going to discuss social network […]

The 2 Big reasons why game based learning is the future of training

According to a number of research studies being conducted annually, it’s becoming more and more apparent that game based learning and gamification are definitely one […]

Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Five

Connect Play, Pushed Play and Open World Learning Pushed play refers to the demand that learners complete a game in order to progress through learning […]