Summertime Memories to Make You Smile

Let’s go back for a moment… What are your favorite memories of summer from when you were a kid that make you smile? What were you doing? […]

Audience Testing: Why, when and what to test

Whether you’re creating a game or product of any kind, getting it right for the target audience(s) is critical. The difference between a good and […]

Video questions (answers) in team games

An image is thousand words, a moving image is even more than you can imagine. The possibility to create video questions/answers is now available in beta, […]

Event professional news – Linkfeast vol 55

Linkfeast delivers current most interesting news for eventprofs. this week is covered tips on making big company decisions; new event tech era and 4 Ways […]

Cesim at the AIMS 2017 Management Conference in France

In June 2017, the Cesim team was once again present at the yearly management conference of the AIMS - Association Internationale de Management Strategique (International Association of […]

How to Use the Live Leaderboard in Knowledge Guru

Every Knowledge Guru game has a Live Leaderboard. You can display this leaderboard on-screen in a live event or send it out to players via […]

How to Invite Learners to Play on Mobile Devices

Are you launching a Knowledge Guru game that learners will play on their smartphones? If so, using these two links will make the process easier: 1. […]

How to Let Learners Log In With

Knowledge Guru allows your learners to log into their games with their account. Once learners validate their account credentials, they can log in with […]

Doc/Fest Alternate Realities – Play like you mean it

Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities Summit explores the use of new and emerging technologies for storytelling, and this year Preloaded had the privilege giving the opening keynote. […]

Game instructor checklist to facilitating team building games

Game instructors have a leading role in the success of the game. If you want your event to be well organized and smooth, there are […]

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Training Sid Banerjee’s presentation on the burgeoning VR industry and the future of healthcare training with the utilization of cutting – edge technology like AI and […]

Virtual Reality and Training the Millennial

Indusgeeks’ Founder and CEO, Sid Banerjee explores the need for more immersive, engaging training and how virtual reality creates the right emotional immersion to train […]