Secret question hiding behind a logo

Originally, a map overlay feature is meant for applying your hand-drawn or custom maps on the top of  the google map. This creates immersive experiences. […]

Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Four

Behavioral Currency In this post we are going to discuss the idea of behavioral currency in training. Behavioral currency refers to designating specific action verbs […]

Is eLearning Dead? Is Instructional Design Dying with It?

Death of Self-Pace eLearning In a report published in August 2016 by Sam Adkins of Ambient Insight a declaration is made that self-paced eLearning is […]

Monitoring and Analyzing Player Mastery, Confidence and Engagement in Drive

Drive monitors and reports on three critical player attributes that work together to provide you with information that influence a player’s performance in Drive: confidence, […]

Zero Threat: How we did it

Cyber security is a global issue and this post is about the design thinking behind our latest Game with Purpose, created not for gamers, but […]

Screen overlay affecting apps usage on Android

Screen overlay allows apps to display content on another app ( like facebook messages, whatsapp, Twilight). The issue is that when starting Loquiz first time […]

Event professional news – Linkfeast 45

Linkfeast gathers the most interesting news in event field. This week’s resources include digital marketing, virtual vs augmented reality and trends big event companies have […]

What You Can Customize in Drive

The Knowledge Guru Drive authoring tool allows you to create a Drive game that’s unique to your organization by customizing it with names, logos, registration […]

How to Maximize Game Security in Knowledge Guru Drive

The best way to maximize security in Knowledge Guru is to control player registration options. The default setting in Knowledge Guru is to allow anyone […]

How to Remove Players from Drive Games

All Knowledge Guru accounts come with a maximum number of players. Periodically, you may want to delete players to help you stay within your limits. […]

How to Edit or Reset Player Data from a Drive Game

Edit Player Data Editing a player’s information is useful, though players can self-edit their email address or their name once they register. To edit a […]

How to Add Players to a Drive Game

Have Players Self-Register Want your players to create their own account for your Knowledge Guru Drive game? Have your players self-register for your game in […]