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tech review: buying a fitness tracker

Amazon Echo – Alexa – for educational and corporate settings

Facebook Groups for Learning Professionals

Facebook is described as a social networking site that makes it easy for users to connect and share information. Within it is Facebook Groups, where […]

How to Use Visual Storytelling to Relate to Your Learners

When you Google the term “visual storytelling” for a definition, you may get some slight deviations on a common theme, but basically you find that […]

Professional Development in Instructional Design

In the absence of growth, atrophy. The world is constantly changing, and as a learning professional, your role is constantly shifting. To remain relevant and […]

Branching scenario design out loud #3: the scenario decisions

We’re at stage 3 of building an elearning branching scenario. (Where we started) The next stage in our process would be to list the decisions […]

Two barcamps for Learning Technologies 2017

LearnPatch is delighted to announce that we will be running two #barcamp events at this year’s Learning Technologies conference 2017. The events happen at the […]

How Do Students Respond to Microlearning?

What is Microlearning? Why Should We Use It? Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. The learners […]

The Invisible World of Typography Pt.2

Look around you. At your coffee cup, at your phone, at that sticky note you wrote three days ago reminding you to get milk (which […]

Giving Learners More Control in eLearning: What Does the Research Say?

Does giving learners more control of the way they navigate through an elearning program help them or hurt them? Before I tell you what the […]

Coming Soon – A New Video and Lecture Capture Tool at UNTHSC

In the next 6 months, we will be launching a new lecture capture tool called Panopto that enables us to easily record lectures and make […]

You can be diplomatically honest at work and in life.

I recently revisited the movie Interstellar and there’s a dialogue between Cooper and Tars which goes something like this: Cooper: Hey TARS, what’s your honesty […]