Instructional Design

Digital business transformation vs digital learning transformation: two parallel universes

Research suggests that the #digital transformation of learning and development and the digital transformation of organisations are two different things. This is a huge concern […]

My Course Is Starting – Now What?

For many years I taught adults in the college and university setting, both in the classroom and online. I learned the hard way how to […]

Four Essentials for Effective Learning Using Virtual Reality by Karl Kapp

Effective use of virtual reality for learning is about more than the technology; it’s about the careful application of the theories and research behind the […]

Episode 91: Trends for the Weeks of June 30-July 13 Tech Studies, PD for IDT, Online Teaching & Learning, and AR/VR

We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks that include June 30-July 13 as we flipped resources into our Flipboard magazine ( […]

4 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelm of Online Course Creation

“Creating online courses means producing content for the millions; a prospect that can freeze course creators in their tracks”. @CordinerSarah Whether it’s the first course […]

Why Mobile Virtual Reality for Learning Makes Sense by Kate Pasterfield

Virtual Reality will change your mobile learning strategy, especially where virtual reality is an appropriate match to the learners’ setting.

Flip It Forward: Focus on Task Criticality in Learning by Pamela S. Hogle

How can you flip a classroom or learning experience to be “application forward”? Guild Master Bob Mosher shares his insights and experience.

Is Instructional Design Thriving or Dying? by Marc Rosenberg

What’s the state of instructional design? It all depends on how you look at it. Here are four points of view. What’s yours?

Buzzword Decoder: “Presence” in Virtual Reality by Pamela S. Hogle

Virtual reality experiences rely on a quality called “presence” to work: The participants must believe that they actually are immersed in and moving through the […]

Five Psychological Principles Fueling Gamification by Susan Jacobs

Gamification satisfies fundamental human desires such as competition and the need for recognition, and bolsters a sense of community in the workplace.

Research Reflections -- Take a Selfie Here; The Examined Life is Worth Living!

As professionals in the learning field, memory is central to our work. If we don't help our learners preserve their memories (of what they learned), […]

Boost Registration by Unveiling the Customer Journey

Reveal Ah-ha’s you can use! Most senior executives are out of the loop on the experience they’re offering to members. The summer of 2004 HBR published a brilliant […]