Instructional Design

Working with Images in eLearning (part 1)

As eLearning developers we regularly work with images in our projects and while we aren’t all graphic designers, it helps to have a basic knowledge […]

Change, Ambiguity, and Uncertainty: On Becoming an Expert Instructional Designer

“If you can learn to tolerate change, ambiguity, and uncertainty, you will be successful in this field.” That was the answer my supervisor gave me […]

Smart advice for managing “difficult” people.

A friend of mine recently asked me “how do you deal with difficult people?” I simply said, “I don’t.” I revisited my response immediately and […]

Don’t get caught for bad Instructional Design. It’s Embarrassing!!

Learning events are meant to empower the audience by imparting a change that’s good for them. Did you notice that in almost every live learning […]

Is Gamification just another Instructional Designer’s hat?

Very recently, a job seeker asked me about the qualification required to attain a job in my domain (as an Instructional Designer). I still remember […]

Learning Design for the Netflix Generation: How about a learning series for a change?

This morning, when I signed into my Facebook account, I found that my wall was filled with a lot of updates on the season finale […]

We live life in First Person, then why a Third Person E-learning for our Learners?

Have you heard the term FPS anytime? No? Do you remember that game your kid keeps playing where you’ll only see two hands holding a […]

Gamification doesn’t mean developing games and there’s more!

Gamification has been frequently talked about as one of the most happening trends in Learning and Development chapter. Research says that Gamification can help teach […]

Does your new E-learning character know his roles and responsibilities?

It is a common practice to use characters/avatars in E-learning courses. But how do we evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy? Can these characters substitute a […]

Gamification Pitfalls: Meaningful Rewards or nothing

Why Rewards? Rewards can change behaviors This morning, I woke up to this picture on my whatsapp messenger.This meme is about the recently launched mobile game […]

Why go for freelancers when companies do it for less?

Having worked with several e-learning companies since 8 years, here’s my one-sided opinion on why you should hire freelancers when there are many companies out […]

How to Get Started with Freelancing: The Instructional Design Story

It’s never easy to start something new and it gets even tougher when you’re starting out as a freelance Instructional Designer. Before you even take […]