Instructional Design

Achieving eLearning Lift Off

Ideas for producing, packaging and pricing programs Digital learning is an imperative in workforce development — but achieving eLearning lift off just by offering courses […]

Mixed Reality Coming At You by Dov Jacobson

Mixed reality is more than one thing, a broad technology spectrum that we are now beginning to explore. What are its uses for learning? Here […]

Toolkit: Thinkzoom—Authoring that Leverages Video, Social by Joe Ganci

Thinkzoom is a web-based authoring tool that lets you build courses around your documents, videos, and video screen captures. The tool supports social learning and […]

Book Review: Virtual Training Tools and Templates by Pamela S. Hogle

Virtual training coach Cindy Huggett shares her secrets to creating engaging virtual classroom training and honing your skills as a facilitator or producer.

Research Spotlight: Is Instructional Design a Dying Art? by Sharon Vipond

Instructional design has seen huge changes in the last 10 years. There is constant confusion about the end of the discipline and the profession. Is […]

The Future of Gamification by Susan Jacobs

What does the future portend for gamification? Four respected thought leaders in the field weigh in on where they believe gamification is headed.

It IS Possible to Create Engaging Compliance Training—Here's How by Pamela S. Hogle

Need to create compliance training that learners will love? Follow these tips from an award-winning designer-developer team.

Metafocus: Seven Ethical Dilemmas of VR in Education by Matt Sparks

We hear VR called an empathy machine. But can VR decrease empathy? What does the research say, if anything? And, if true, what can we […]

VR and AR in eLearning: Ready for Prime Time? by Stephen Haskin

Are we close to practical uses of AR and VR for learning, skill development, and performance? Here are some answers.

Track Video Interactions with xAPI Statements by Anthony Altieri

You can programmatically add meaningful data to xAPI statements so that you can track where learners interacted with video or pressed a button. Here’s how.

Nuts and Bolts: Fluency in Design Skill Sets by Jane Bozarth

An instructional designer needs to have some abilities in each of the skill sets identified in this article. How do you measure up?

You've Got a Ton of Learning Analytics Data. Now What? by Pamela S. Hogle

Managers and IDs are bombarded with statements about how learning analytics can help them improve learners’ experience, jump-start their work performance, and much more. What […]