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Screencast: Custom Submit Button for Built-In Question Slides in Articulate Storyline

The built-in question slides in Articulate Storyline are a HUGE timesaver, but customizing them always creates value add for your clients. In this screencast, I’m […]

Elearning scenario examples: Connect With Haji Kamal

Haji Kamal is probably one of the most famous elearning scenario examples in the public domain. When designers talk about scenarios this seems to be […]

#DearID Episode 43: A Tale of Two Projects with Zsolt Olah

This episode, I talk with Zsolt Olah, one of my ID heroes, about two different projects that illustrate how context is king. Zsolt shares how, […]

#DearID Episode 44: Simon Date on MOOCs

The first of three (I say four in audio) episodes with Simon Date, Adapt developer extraordinaire! Simon took me up on my ridiculous pitch at […]

Civic Learning: An Idea Generated from Torrance Learning’s Download Un-Conference

If you’ve been a reader of this blog, you’ll have seen me working with one overarching idea for a while: what might it look like […]

Zest to know yourself in absolute: A professional challenge

In one of my research, I asked participants “tell me about the greatest struggle of your life which has never left your mind even for […]

Using Zoom to Collaborate

Back to Zoom homepage The purpose of this page is to share some ideas for how you might use Zoom outside of learning environments to […]

Elearning scenario examples: The Broken Co-Worker

The Broken CoWorker is rightly celebrated among instructional designers for its innovative blend of comic strip, video and scenario methodology, delivering a lesson with flair […]

Critical Reflection is More than Just Looking in a Mirror

“Magic mirror on the wall – who is the fairest of them all?” spoken by the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs […]

Zoom request form

Fill out this form to request access to Zoom for your Canvas class or other university related activity. The post Zoom request form appeared first […]

MED Series Panel Discussion sponsored by CanvasLive

CanvasLive is sponsoring a series of live-streamed panel discussions focused on shared best practice for medical education using Canvas. These panels feature participants from schools […]

Introduction to Zoom

This page covers the basics of getting started with Zoom. It’s a good idea to check out the items on this page prior to trying […]