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Evaluation, Disunity, Industry: 2016 Lesson and 2017 Credo

Evaluation and Recovery “The issue is dispersion. The task is to survive in the diaspora.” -Haraway I, like many other people, have been in some […]

Goodbye Seoul

This is a personal post as the title might suggest. My wife and I are closing up shop here in Seoul for the umpteenth time. […]

Measuring the Information Society Report 2016: Mobile, internet use, and regional differences

I am reblogging this here from Panoply Digital. 2016 was, needless to say for all in the development field, a challenging year. As such, we welcome […]

What do Think with Google and Snackson have in common?

As you are reading, it turns out that Snackson shares the concept of Micro-Moments with the marketing team at Google, Think with Google. A concept that was […]

Themes in learning in 2016 – where we are and what’s around the corner

As we have completed another year of learning in the workplace, we are faced with an opportunity to look at developments, and to note several […]

How Blockchain Technology Will Improve Online Security

Most people have heard of bitcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency. However, few know about the benefits of “blockchains,” the technology behind bitcoin, and the reason it’s […]

Google Spotlight Stories, adventures in 360 degrees

New technologies are innovating and adapting the way in which we tell and present stories. On this occasion we will talk about Google Spotlight Stories, […]

The Snackson team wishes you a happy holiday season

Temperatures are dropping, lights are shining on the streets and gifts are starting to appear underneath the tree… It’s Christmas time! 2016 has been a […]

New Year, new budget – “Can we afford to train?”

2016, a year not without its challenges, it must be said. A year which demonstrated so clearly how quickly and fluidly our world now moves, […]

“The Content Trap” Applies To All Digital Media

When selling “information goods,” connections are more important than content, according to a new book by Harvard business professor Dr. Bharat Anand. The post “The […]

Gamification in education – what’s in it for students?

We all know about gamification, it has been around for some time now. The world of Learning and Development knows gamification well. They’re like old […]

10 Bizarre Uses For A Mobile Phone

From tracking calories to monitoring babies to sniffing out terrorists, we take a look at 10 unusual but innovative ways to use your mobile device. […]