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How Can IT Help Optimize Your Employee Training Initiative Budget?

Employee training can be a costly part of any organization’s expenses, especially in retail, hospitality, and food service industries. Recent studies show that it can […]

Enterprise Collaboration Tools & Strategies for Success

Giving people direction is easy. Getting them on board and engaged is a very different beast. It’s an age-old problem that requires open communications and […]

Our experience at 4Y4N 2017

We had already mentioned a few weeks ago that this was our second year taking part in 4YFN. The excitement of the days ahead and […]

MLW 2017, the main event of the UNESCO annual ICT in education conference

The Mobile Learning Week 2017: Education in emergencies and crises will be held from the 20th to the 24th of March at the UNESCO Headquarters. […]

Driving Employee Success With Mobile Learning

As young employees begin to enter the workforce for the first time, one thing has become apparent to many retail operations: we aren’t dealing with […]

Employee Training Doesn't End with Onboarding

‍photo credit: The idea that there is a correlation between employee training and retention is not new. In fact, most research around employee engagement suggests […]

Interleaved learning – the new spice of life

Interleaved learning. Many people aren’t familiar with the term, yet it is by no means a new development. It was first described as varied or […]

4 Critical Employee Evaluation Metrics

You sifted through applications and resumes, interviewed a number of people, and, finally, you made the decision to hire a particular applicant. With all of […]

Get 100% user participation with Snackson

At Snackson we are aware that despite the advantages of on-line training, sometimes it is difficult for users to complete training carried out in this […]

Can e-learning tools facilitate effective soft skills development? 5 criteria.

Twitter facebook LinkedIn CAN E-LEARNING TOOLS FACILITATE EFFECTIVE SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT? Yes, they can! Following these 5 criteria. Honestly, would you choose e-learning to become […]

The Internet Of Things – Can it really help?

The future is never far away, and more often than not, it is actually already with us. We hear much talk these days of The […]

4 Cost Benefits of Mobile Training vs Traditional E-Learning

Smaller, faster, less expensive – It’s what we’ve come to expect from everything mobile. Training systems are no exception, and in just two short decades […]