Mobile learning

Welcome microlearning’s little brother… microreading!

We all know our reading habits have changed drastically in the past decade, particularly for the younger generation. This change is mainly due to the […]

Can you define creativity?

Would you be able to explain what CREATIVITY is? It’s not an easy task, but not impossible either. According to many artists, creativity is something […]

New e-book: A President's Perspective

Float’s Highlighted Sessions At #FocusOnLearn

Float has three speakers presenting a number of sessions about augmented reality, mobile learning, and more at the annual FocusOn conference in San Diego. The […]

SparkLearn™: A Microlearning Platform That Empowers Administrators and End Users

SparkLearn, the new microlearning platform from Float, integrates with your favorite content creation and measurement tools for a clutter-free app your users will appreciate. The […]

Our Five Favourite Exhibits From The Museum of Failure

Each and every day we find ourselves engaging with other people’s great ideas. We marvel at the simplicity of an idea and how well it […]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Deskless Workers Have What They Need at Anytime

The challenge of managing deskless workers is making sure they've got access to all the same information that an employee with a desk would have. […]

What Is Performance Support and Why Is It Important?

Modern Computer-Based Training (CBT) hasn’t completely supplanted traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT), but it has given rise to the practice of Performance Support.

Digitising the NHS for the future, and the new Digital Academies

As the march towards digital transformation continues, the need to embrace and harness the power of technology could not be more evident. The NHS, ever […]

Restaurant & Retail Stores Achieve Better Results With Social Learning

Leading a training program in a restaurant or retail environment can be challenging. As inherently social enterprises, they require a great deal of interaction with […]

Video's Now the Training Star: Training Employees With Video

In the ten years since the introduction of the iPhone, video production and consumption have grown exponentially. Having a video camera and editing station in […]

eLearning, xAPI - The New Sheriff in Town

By now, most learning professionals have heard of the Experience API learning standard (also referred to as “xAPI” or “Tin Can”). If so, here’s what […]