Mobile learning

Success for Wranx at Learning Technologies 2017!

We had a fantastic time last week at the Learning Technologies exhibition, which took place in London Olympia. The event is Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning […]

Virtual Workforces and Savings Through Effective Training

The Future of Business: Virtual Workforces and Savings Through Effective Training Some great points that Chuck Melick, Clearlink VP of Employee Development, mentions in this […]

Communicating with Deskless Employees

Deskless means mobile. There’s a cliché that having a job meant you had a desk somewhere that you went to and sat at all day. […]

To monitor, evaluate, and communicate in Kathmandu: training on ICT for Women’s Business Associations in Nepal

Reblogging this here from Panoply Digital. Panoply Digital is busy with developing a training curriculum for upcoming workshops for our partner the Center for International […]

Virtual reality in the hands of content creators?

We already knew it, but the fact is it seems virtual reality (VR) is here to stay. In a previous post we talked about a […]

Smart Devices + Smart Tools = Smarter Employees & Employee Productivity

Companies of all sizes and resource levels recognize the need to invest in their employees in order to slow turnover rates, maximize productivity, and increase […]

Nos adentramos en el backoffice de Snackson… ¿te vienes?

En Snackson te informamos de nuevas funcionalidades y progresos que implementan la aplicación a través de diferentes entradas a nuestro blog. Anteriormente, te introducíamos la incorporación de […]

Making Learning Work - Employee Training

Great article on the major shift we are seeing in the employee learning industry. It is so important to be cognizant that just because we spend […]

Employee Performance - How to Harness the Skills of Rockstar Employees

Knowing your employees’ performance ability is the first stage of strategic workplace planning. In order to make informed employment decisions about the next phase in […]

What colour is your personality? : Targeted training for The Palette Of Personalities

The training needs of organisations are many and various. With so many variables, the hunt is always on for a responsive, reactive method which enthuses […]

Little and often – the thought behind Spaced Repetition

Many people think that the teaching technique known as spaced repetition, which has gained more and more traction over recent years with language learning apps […]

Top 5 Training Trends for Restaurants and the Deskless Employee

A restaurant is only as strong as the employees who bring it to life. Your staff is one of the most valuable assets that your […]