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How IBM Watson helps us find a cure for ALS

The last year has seen a growing number of fascinating breakthroughs in the use of AI to spot and diagnose disease.  One of the latest […]

New AI driven symptom checker to launch in 2017

Health is without doubt one of the most popular topics searched for when people go online.  Indeed, a UK study suggested that nearly half of […]

Microsoft use machine learning to help eye care in India

Tech giants such as Google and IBM have made headlines in the last few years with their forays into healthcare, with a number of AI […]

How humans might behave in a driverless world

The transition towards an autonomous future is something of an uncertain one, especially if driverless cars share the roads with humans.  For instance, last year, […]

How important is nationality to management style?

The work on culture by Geert Hofstede is something that I’ve covered a few times on this blog over the years.  He proposed various dimensions […]

Meet the AI that can explain its workings

As AI continues to develop at a rapid pace, a growing number of conversations turn to how we can ensure it retains its accountability.  The […]

Researchers use genetic algorithms to help drones collaborate

As robots become more common sights in our workplaces, they are becoming increasingly collaborative and capable of working effectively together. Such advances are driven by […]

Is busyness another form of humbelbragging?

It can seem at times that we’re busier than ever before, but how much of what we load ourselves with is actually necessary?  A recent […]

Setting your Compliance Goals for the New Year

Setting the right tone for the new year How’s that new year’s resolution going? Research[1] shows only 8 per cent of people achieve them. So, how […]

Assessing Your Workplace Risks in the New Year

Fasten your seatbelts – we’re in for a bumpy ride. Between Brexit, terrorist attacks and the US presidential election, 2016 was a year of turbulence. Organisations […]

Learning Seat Course Updates – January 2017

THIS JANUARY, WE’VE UPDATED TWO OF OUR EXISTING COURSES. Manual HandlingOverview This course demonstrates the dangers of performing manual handling tasks in the workplace, and […]

Two barcamps for Learning Technologies 2017

LearnPatch is delighted to announce that we will be running two #barcamp events at this year’s Learning Technologies conference 2017. The events happen at the […]