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Instructional Design is Not Dead!

Despite rumors to the contrary, Instructional Design is not dead.  You may have noticed the many articles and blog posts stating that instructional design is […]

How the Learning Health System Network supports translational research

The Learning Health System Network (LHSNet) is a clinical data research network that’s designed to support the kind of medical research that improves patients lives.  […]

Hyperinnovation at Cisco

It’s widely acknowledged that much of the innovation we encounter in life derives from ‘the edge’, where two worlds collide.  In academic terms, it’s the […]

Bringing sports analytics to a cricket ball

The number of new sporting products emerging with data tracking, and subsequently AI, capabilities built into them has mushroomed in recent years. I’ve covered a […]

Spillikin and the portrayal of robots in popular culture

Last summer the Science Museum launched an exhibition charting the 500 year history of robotics.  Featuring a unique collection of over 100 robots, from a […]

The ethics of cyber-physical systems

Robots are becoming more pervasive, not just in industrial environments, but in our homes, hospitals, airports and shops.  So called cyber-physical systems (CPS) are intelligent […]

Using AI to detect a healthy or unhealthy brain

I’ve written before about a number of fascinating projects that are using machine learning and voice analysis to hunt for signs of conditions such as […]

How machine learning and data can improve cancer care

Over 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in America alone, but despite these huge volumes, a tiny amount register for clinical trials.  […]

How smart mobility can diagnose illness

There are a growing number of mobile and wearable tools that are capable of diagnosing various conditions.  Many of these tools look for proteins, biomarkers […]

A workers desk is their home – the implications of hot-desking

Hot desking has always seemed to be something done to keep facilities managers happy rather than employees, and a recent study highlights the impact it […]

Using AI to build the perfect diet for you

Diet sits at the heart of many of the issues facing healthcare systems in the western world, and an alarming number of western adults are […]

New smart needle aims to make brain surgery safer

Brain surgery has to be one of the most stressful experiences a human can undergo, so any attempts to make it safer have to be […]