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Innovation in an ageing society

A few years ago the noted management thinker Warren Bennis wrote about a number of great teams from our recent history, and chronicled what it […]

The dangers of commuting stress

The average British person spends around an hour commuting each day, yet it’s something that most of us hate.  Indeed, surveys suggest that most of […]

Estonia and Finland enter patient data sharing agreement

Data sharing in healthcare is a topic I’ve touched on a number of times recently, with a recent paper from the European Commission highlighting some […]

The genomics of newborn babies

One of the foremost stories of the exponential prowess of the information age has been the rapid fall in the cost of sequencing the human […]

Using AI to accurately detect PTSD from your speech

I wrote recently about a number of fascinating projects that see AI utilized to analyze our speech for various things, from Alzheimer’s to empathy levels, […]

Smart patches manage blood glucose automatically

I’ve written previously about a number of interesting new ‘smart’ bandages that perform a range of monitoring tasks in addition to keeping wounds clean. For […]

The importance of trusting the robots among us

When we navigate our way through busy environments, we place an awful lot of trust in our fellow human not to behave in a silly […]

New model helps AI to comprehend visual objects

I’ve written a few times recently about a number of projects that aim to improve the ability of artificial intelligence to see, and importantly, comprehend […]

New platform aims to help you meet your data science needs

Making data based decisions makes instinctive sense, and evidence is mounting that it makes strong commercial sense too.  For instance, the McKinsey Global Institute indicate […]

Create Love in the Classroom

(Originally created for Litmos blog 8/2016) Have you ever been in front of a group of training “captives”? They just aren’t feeling the love in the […]

New platform launches to help academics expand their reach

Researchers are increasingly judged by the impact their research has in the wider world, so a recent platform launched by Digital Science should be of […]

Are patient groups really focused on the patient?

The breadth of innovation in the healthcare industry has been something I’ve commented on a number of times, whether it’s novel technologies emerging from startups […]