Social Learning

The Bracelet That Can Predict Asthma Attacks

Wearable devices have become increasingly powerful in recent years, with a growing range of both monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.  The latest device of this ilk […]

Wearable tech to keep health workers safe

My partner works in community health and so she finds herself going out into the homes of her clients to discuss their health.  Suffice to […]

Study Reveals Concerns About the Security of Health Data

Earlier this year I covered an interesting paper that explored our attitudes towards our health data being used for medical research.  The general gist was […]

The Behavioral Evidence Hub

Behavioral insight units have become commonplace in governments around the world in recent years.  As with many things, there has been a variable degree of […]

How accurate are the forecasts of ICU staff?

Forecasting is a perilous activity at the best of times, but in some professions, the forecasts have serious implications.  Nowhere is this more so than […]

Data sharing is key to overcoming the reproducibility crisis

The opening up of the data that underpins scientific research is something I’ve long supported, and whilst a degree of progress has been made in […]

How our social network influences our behavior

As more of us are on social networks, and indeed more about each of us is shared online, there have been numerous stories emerging of […]

Research explores the best environment for ideation

The rise in social technologies has enabled the ideation process to be outsourced to the crowd in ways never before possible.  However, whilst soliciting input […]

Using AI to complement human beings

It’s easy to imagine AI in Matrix like terms as being super-intelligent and capable of feats beyond that of mere man, but a team from […]

Smart scales as an early detection health device

At the recent AXA PPP Health Tech & You awards, British startup Kardia Mobile progressed to the final.  The company provide an add-on for a […]

Using diamonds to make magnetocardiography cost effective

There have been great strides made in the past year or so in our ability to diagnose diseases more quickly and efficiently than is currently […]

The rise in exergaming in healthcare

Last year I explored the use of game like technology to help the rehabilitation of elderly patients.  The technology was developed by MIRA Rehab in […]