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Cornell team develop next generation of soft robotic hand

There have been a number of fascinating developments in the creation of more tactile robotics, especially in areas such as surgery where dexterity is crucially […]

Dude, Where’s My car? Fixing Brain Fog

Brain fog. We’ve all been there. The world gets fuzzy around the edges. We feel like we’re suffering from a bad case of jet lag. […]

Are people getting unrealistic expectations of driverless technology?

As with so many new technologies, driverless vehicles have been accompanied by an awful lot of hype, both around what they will be capable of […]

The power of open data in agriculture

I’ve written a number of times about the fascinating innovations impacting the farming industry.  Indeed, such is the shift in technology, you could easily argue […]

UC Berkeley researchers develop jumping robot

Robots have become increasingly capable, with a number of viral videos showing robots in various environments performing a range of gymnastic feats.  The latest feat […]

Study explores why people come into work when they’re sick

At this time of year various bugs are rampant and it’s rare to find a colleague that isn’t sniffling and sneezing with something or other.  […]

CEO power and how companies respond to a crisis

In a period of tremendous change, as typified by what is increasingly called the 4th Industrial Revolution, you could argue that organizations exist in a […]

State backing for R&D is declining

Growth is a permanent feature of western economic discourse, with politicians of all stripes promising to deliver it as the path to prosperity.  Of course, […]

Why med-tech startups need diverse teams

The med-tech industry seems to be awash with innovation at the moment, with most of the plethora of startups that have emerged in this space […]

IBM Mera and the use of robots in healthcare

Whilst it seems quite intuitive to imagine robots operating in rather impersonal settings such as factories and warehouses, a care home or hospital seems another […]

How the brain processes hierarchy

Whenever we start a new job, there is a period of time where we suss out the way things work, and perhaps more importantly who […]

Do we really want some wriggle room to cheat on our goals?

When we set goals, I’m sure we like to think we’ll set out with the very best intention of meeting that goal.  Whilst that might […]