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Graphene ‘tattoo’ provides temporary health sensing

Since graphene was introduced to the world with a considerable fanfare, it has felt a bit like a technology looking for a solution.  Despite not […]

The risks of misaligned purpose at work

I wrote recently about the power of purpose, not only in our working lives but also our personal lives.  A recent study found that when […]

Study examines cultural differences in workplace motivation

There have been no shortages of studies aiming to shed light on what motivates us and inspires great performance in the workplace.  A recent international […]

How 3D scanners can help retrofit auto plants

Retrofitting an assembly line whenever you change the model of car you wish to build can be a complex and time-consuming process.  An interesting project […]

Walking app aims to help people stay active

As wearable and mobile technologies have evolved, there have been a growing number of services designed to help us exercise in exactly the way we […]

Using big data for ideation

Last summer, a Japanese company made the news after it announced that an AI would be joining its board.  The AI was deployed to mine […]

Under Armour release shoe capable of monitoring fatigue

Last year sportswear company Under Armour teamed up with IBM.  The two companies worked on a new version of the UA Record app that will […]

New lab for augmented reality opens

Augmented reality began life as something of a gimmick, but it’s slowly gaining ground in a number of fascinating areas, from construction to surgery. A […]

Wearables providing early disease detection

Wearable technology is increasingly capable of providing an early warning system for a range of diseases.  For instance, smart bandages are increasingly able to detect […]

Detecting sleep apnea whilst you’re awake using a new app

I’m told that I make a variety of rather loud and unusual noises when I sleep, but the prospect of visiting a sleep clinic is […]

Donating your medical data to science

One of the foremost stories of the exponential prowess of the information age has been the rapid fall in the cost of sequencing the human […]

Uber Movement launches to provide open transit data

Recently I covered a new project that aimed to tap into the data given off by our mobile phones to better understand traffic flow in […]