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MIT team develop breathable sports clothing

The last year or so have seen some fascinating developments in the world of smart clothing, with various teams developing garments with the same kind […]

Making urban air cleaner

A recent report from the World Health Organization found that more deaths are attributable to air pollution in the UK than pretty much any other […]

It’s a Wrap! ATD ICE 2017: It’s All About Connections with Chris Coladonato

  Conferences are about building connections, and ATD ICE 2017 was no exception!    Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks since ATD ICE 2017 […]

Why being an abusive boss doesn’t make you feel better

Abusive bosses are a sufficiently common aspect of working life as to have earned the moniker ‘bosshole’ from Stanford’s Bob Sutton.  It’s sadly all too […]

Crowdsourcing better understanding of autism

Autism is a condition that affects a great many people around the world, but the level of expertise is not spread equally, therefore leaving many […]

Meet Loop, the healthcare wristband

Wearable devices have promised to make a significant impact on healthcare for sometime, but a major challenge remains ensuring that they are clinically validated, and […]

VR aiding recovery from strokes

I wrote recently about the growing use of virtual reality in areas such as rehabilitation. Immersive Rehab is a British startup that is using virtual […]

How guilt fuels cooperation

Over the years I’ve explored cooperation in quite some detail, and especially the factors that influence how and when we choose to cooperate. For instance, […]

The importance of mentoring for career success

The plight of introverts has received a very welcome boost in recent years, due in no small part to the efforts of author and activist […]

Meet the personal privacy assistant

Our mobile phones are increasingly capable of generating vast quantities of data about our behavior. Such is the breadth and depth of data collected by […]

Can a good reputation encourage risk taking from businesses?

A good reputation is something that most businesses strive to obtain, and so one would imagine such a reputation has only benefits to the organization.  […]

How The Apple Smart Watch Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

For much of their short lives smart watches have been used to track activity levels, and have therefore had a health remit in the broad […]