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Why location matters in B2B marketplaces

There have been numerous studies over the past few years to show that our decision making on B2C platforms are often riddled with biases.  For […]

Study reveals our vulnerabilities to repeat cyber attacks

Hacker typing on a laptop I wrote recently about the Inter-ACE Cybersecurity Challenge event held in Cambridge that aimed to uncover some of the finest […]

Planning Your PRM Test Drive

In the last two articles we’ve outlined a few benefits of implementing a PRM or Community Portal solution to help you connect and collaborate with […]

Why CEOs jump ship (or not) when a firm is failing

It’s a fairly common practice in the corporate world, that as a company begins to falter, it is seldom very long before the boss is […]

Do entrepreneurs need to be generalists or specialists?

The apparent conflict between being a specialist versus a generalist is something that has been discussed for some time now, with the catalyst typically being […]

IBM and Maersk develop blockchain solution to track containers

Recently I wrote about a fascinating use of AI to analyze images undertaken by researchers from University College London. They have worked with the shipping […]

Pan European Data Project To Support Medical Research

I’ve written extensively about the enormous benefits we can derive from the more effective usage of patient data, whether from an individual patient perspective, a […]

Deep learning and the stock market

The financial industry has been one of the more enthusiastic exponents of automation in recent years, especially on the trading floor, where algorithmic trading is […]

Why we deliberately avoid certain types of information

The way we access information has seldom been under more scrutiny, with our ‘post-truth’ age prompting a great deal of analysis as to both how […]

How can we foster innovation in individuals?

There has been no shortage of research examining how to create innovative organizations.  A recent study from the University of South Florida examined both what […]

Arthritis UK team up with IBM to launch AI driven support

AI driven chat bots are certainly all the rage at the moment, and whilst I think there is typically more hype than substance to them, […]

Taking AI Driven Imaging Analysis Into The Mainstream

Recently CB Insights listed what it believed to be the 100 most exciting AI based companies in the world.  Proudly taking its place in the […]