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New Study Is Scathing Of DeepMind’s Use Of Patient Data

Google DeepMind were in the news recently after they announced the launch of a blockchain like ledger technology for storing medical data.  Whilst I urged […]

How big data can help improve road safety

Big data has been increasingly deployed by municipalities that are looking to better understand the way traffic flows throughout the city, but it is also […]

Using machine learning to detect epilepsy in children

Artificial intelligence has been making impressive strides in the past year or so, with a number of medical applications utilizing AI to spot problems in […]

How data tracking can improve employee efficiency

It’s increasingly common for employees to be fitted with wearable devices to monitor their activity levels.  Most of the time this is designed as part […]

Are millennials on their own at work?

There’s been an awful lot written about the so called millennial generation, and their impact on the workplace.  Whilst the general perception of them is […]

New tool aims to predict how we might feel after surgery

Surgery is a pretty intense experience, and whilst we all like to think it will inevitably have positive results, this isn’t always the case.  A […]

Algorithm aims to provide earlier treatment for bone marrow complications

Recently I wrote about a novel project that was using AI to ensure organ transplants are more successful.  The Australian research team used the kind […]

Using machine learning to fight crime

Machine learning has been increasingly used in crime fighting in recent years, from early experiments in predictive policing to the use of facial recognition technology […]

New report examines trends in government innovation

Government is perhaps not renowned for being particularly innovative, but a recent report from the OECD sets out to showcase some innovative government policies from […]

How better use of data improves health and wellbeing

I’ve written a number of times recently about the growing importance of data in healthcare, and both the policy implications of this, and the skills […]

How management biases can damage workplace performance

Recruitment, and indeed management in general, is often riddled with biases that distort both our thinking and behavior, and a recent paper highlights just how […]

DeepMind using ledgers to develop a Verifiable Data Audit in healthcare

I’ve written a few times recently about the potential for blockchain to make a dent in the healthcare world.  The technology received a boost from […]