Social Learning

How AI copies stereotypes in language

Whilst we often believe automated systems to be purely rational entities, we’ve known for sometime that there are profound risks that such systems could hard-wire […]

Verily Release Study Watch For Medical Research

The growing value of data in healthcare is a topic I’ve touched on increasingly in the past few months.  A good example of the possibilities […]

The rise of social scholarship

A few years ago I covered several studies that explored the relationship between academics and social media.  The general gist was that academics weren’t taken […]

The key skills to make us good at life

The ability to learn throughout life is a recurring theme of discussions around the future of work, and especially around the impact automation and other […]

The win-win of crowdsourcing

The motivations of participants in crowdsourcing projects has been something I’ve touched on numerous times on this blog down the years. Traditionally, it was regarded to be […]

Do star performers thrive in cooperative environments?

How to handle your best performers is something I’ve touched on a few times before.  For instance, a study from last year highlighted the importance […]

Emerging technology in government

Recently I looked at a new report from the OECD that examined some fascinating government led innovations from around the world, together with some of […]

How at risk is your health data?

I’ve written a number of times about the growing importance of data in healthcare, and especially of the need to liberate data so it’s more […]

Boosting the demand side of knowledge transfer

Much has been written about the need to better facilitate the transfer of knowledge from universities to industry.  Whilst traditionally, this has focused on the […]

Indian team develop algorithm to spot cows on the road

Cycle for any length of time and it’s inevitable you’ll encounter numerous animals sharing the road with you.  My particular favorite was a herd of […]

The ring that monitors your vitamin D levels

Wearable devices have become increasingly adept at monitoring a range of bodily signals.  One of the more interesting has been developed by Dutch company e-Senses, […]

Research explores how to avoid the forecasters dilemma

Predicting extreme events is far from straight forward, and I wrote recently about an AI driven attempt to predict earthquakes with greater accuracy.  These technological […]