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eLearning Could Help Us Study and Work at Peak Times

It’s a known fact and yet one that most societies ignore: Teenagers circadian rhythms (the cycle of sleep and wakefulness) typically begin two hours after […]

How e-learning can create make you a sport champion

Julius Yego is the ruling javelin world champion. He was also a silver medalist at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Yego is from a small village […]

How gamification can prevent accidents in the construction sector

Accidents happen at construction sites due to several factors. They cost money and lives. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), US […]

9 Best Practices To Create Memorable Customer Service Online Training

Customer loyalty is founded on superior customer service and open communication. But do your employees have what it takes to provide excellent customer care? In […]

4 Steps To Ensure You Create Stories Of Relevance

You are the story of relevance. Skills we have now may be obsolete within five years. Many jobs in demand today didn’t even exist ten […]

Are Education Policies Really Meant To Help Education?

Education is a topic that is never missing from any major political debate. Solutions and accusations regarding education have and still are being thrown from […]

eLearning: The Students As Silent Stakeholders - Part I

As eLearning continues to evolve, there are many voices contributing to its development. However, there is one voice that is not part of the conversation […]

10 Just-In-Time Online Training Resources EVERY Organization Should Have

Do your employees have quick and convenient online training tools they can use in their moment of need? In this article, I'll highlight 10 just-in-time […]

How To Just Say No At Work

To do your best work, you need to learn to say no in the workplace. Here's how to do it with grace. This post was […]

Technology In K12: The Shape Of School Vs. The Shape Of EdTech

We need to consider not just the tech, but how it is actually used to be effective in the K12 classroom. This post was first […]

9 Must-Haves For Successful Business Ethics Online Training

A strong sense of morality, fairness, and professionalism leads to corporate success. In this article, I'll share 9 must-haves for successful business ethics online training. […]

ATD Core 4 Conference 2017

ATD’s Core 4 Conference is a two-day event that focuses on the foundational elements that every learning and talent development professional should comprehend for success. […]