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STEM Education, The learning Revolution – An Explanation with Examples!

STEM-based education or curriculum is popular and gaining momentum among the education and academic communities across the globe in the recent years. So let us […]

Will a Doctorate Degree Provide Long-Term Career Benefits?

Completing a doctorate degree is a significant accomplishment. This achievement represents the culmination of hard work, extensive critical thinking and research about the chosen field […]

Social Media: Risk or Opportunity for Online Tutors?

Engaging Students on Social Media: A Risk or Opportunity for online tutors? Social media is big thing in online space right now. Majority of our target audience […]

Taking Learning To The Next Level With Gamification

How does your business motivate employees during training and development processes?

4 Best Practices for Shared Team-Learning

Much of today’s organizational work is knowledge-based. Employees need to hone their skills and upgrade their know-how to become more productive. This can be easily […]

#Intentional: Repotting the Plant

My father grew up on a farm in central Mississippi.  His parents were sharecroppers, working the soil that belonged to someone else and scraping out […]

#NotAtISTE2017?? Not a Problem

Sue Waters has “attended” ISTE  for the past 3 years – VIRTUALLY.  In this article, she shares her tips on how to be “in the […]

What a future, powerful, global learning platform will look & act like [Christian]

Learning from the Living [Class] Room: A vision for a global, powerful, next generation learning platform By Daniel Christian NOTE: Having recently lost my Senior […]

When AI can transcribe everything [Noone]

When AI can transcribe everything — from theatlantic.com by Greg Noone Tech companies are rapidly developing tools to save people from the drudgery of typing […]

Should technical communicators, trainers, & help desk personnel get trained on developing “workbots?”

From DSC: After reading the item below, I wondered: Should technical communicators, trainers, and help desk personnel get trained on how to design and develop […]

EdTech Magazine’s 2017 Dean’s List: Check out other “Must Read Higher Ed IT Blogs” as well

With a passion for helping #highered leverage #edtech, @dchristian5 is a 2017 Must-Read! https://t.co/e7cqFqynBW — EdTech Higher Ed (@EdTech_HigherEd) June 22, 2017

How Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods highlights the hybrid, ‘omnichannel’ future of higher ed [Gallagher]

How Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods highlights the hybrid, ‘omnichannel’ future of higher ed — from edsurge.com by Sean Gallagher Excerpt: The expectation that students […]