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Using Smart Shapes in an Accessibility Enabled Project

First – Smart shapes cannot be used as buttons in a project that must meet accessibility standards. Smart shape buttons are not accessible using the […]

Adobe Captivate 8 – How to Create a Multiple Language Option e-Learning Course with Language re-set

In this training video I illustrate how to create a Multiple Language e-Learning course with Language re-set option using Adobe Captivate 8.  I was delighted to […]

Visual Marketing

Video Marketing has been traditionally thought to be conjoined with products, services or informing consumers about upcoming releases in connection to the first 2. Half […]

Mission Report: LUC 2017 Audio & Video Track

Lights, camera, action! Are you ready to start putting more audio and video in your eLearning? Check out these 2017 Lectora® User Conference breakout sessions […]

7 Journalism Principles that Should Guide Your eLearning Courses

We all remember a piece of news that moved us to tears. We remember news pieces that roused us to action. Great stories not only […]

Why (and how) to make video work for your elearning

Video for learning isn’t new. Training videos have been around for decades, and video within online learning for almost as long. But what is possible […]

Getting started with E-Learning in a Small Organization

Every successful company passes through a number of stages as it matures: think of a bright idea that helps people and makes their life easier, […]

Secrets of Video Demo Timeline (cpvc project)

Intro In a first article about timelines, I described the common features: timeline ruler, playhead, eye button, lock button, control panel and the tiny icons […]

Secrets of Timeline(s) in Captivate – Intro

Intro Happy New Year 2017 to all Captivate users! Quite a while ago I wrote an article about Timeline secrets in Captivate 5: Tiny Timeline […]

How to Create Mnemonic Devices That Help Your Students Remember

Students can often feel overwhelmed by the extent of new information and concepts that they are exposed to throughout a course. As an instructional designer, […]

How to Export ActivePresenter Projects to Videos

After working hard to achieve a favorable project with ActivePresenter, you must want to export it properly. ActivePresenter makes many output formats available (videos, images, […]

How to Record Screen in Windows 10?

Many people think that it’s hard to record the screen on Windows 10. However, the truth is that there are some techniques to do that […]