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Captivate Quick Tips – Replacing Smart Shapes

I’m creating a series of Quick Tips for Adobe Captivate, which will hopefully save you time whilst developing. These tips are things I’ve learnt along the […]

The Career Path For elearning Developers

Hi all, I’m really interested in seeing where people go in their elearning career when you’re an elearning developer. Like many of you, I fell […]

Why Learning Matters For The Creators of Learning

As elearning creators we understand the benefits of creating elearning for the learners of an organisation, business or even the public and I’ve noticed it […]

Captivate Quick Tip #2 – Convert to Freeform Tool

I always thought it would be nice to have more control of the Smartshapes we make in Captivate and after a bit of exploration with […]

9 top tips to integrate branding into elearning course design

How to integrate branding into elearning course design Your elearning course imparts knowledge and gives online learners the tools they need to succeed. However, it […]

Webinar: Infuse Awesomeness Into Your Soft Skills Training With Customizable Courseware

Earlier this week we announced our newest product: Customizable Courseware. Along with our press release, we also held an informational webinar outlining what a great […]

In the Business of People: 10 New Storyline Cutout Characters

For business training purposes, professionally dressed characters can go a long way to set a mood and an ambiance for your courses. It also pays […]

Karl Kapp’s Secrets to Creating Learner Engagement at LUC 2017

This year at the 2017 Lectora® User Conference, Karl Kapp joined us in Cincinnati, Ohio, as the keynote speaker. Karl Kapp, Ed.D., is a researcher, author, […]

Best Practices for Effective Soft Skills Training

Boring soft skills training doesn’t just put employees to sleep. It lowers employee perception of your organization – your internal brand. That’s why the most […]

5 Rules for Creating Scenarios in eLearning

As eLearning designers, we must all deal with dull, insipid content that brings out the yawns, both in you and the learners. And then there […]

How to create amazing, reusable bespoke layouts in Elucidat

Missed our fantastic webinar on Creating Scrolling Content? Or simply want to brush up on all those great techniques that enable you to make stunning […]

What to Check When Choosing LMS - Checklist

Every now and then, every eLearning professional is faced with the need to choose which LMS to use. Remembering all the aspects one has to […]