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In the Business of People: 10 New Storyline Cutout Characters

For business training purposes, professionally dressed characters can go a long way to set a mood and an ambiance for your courses. It also pays […]

Karl Kapp’s Secrets to Creating Learner Engagement at LUC 2017

This year at the 2017 Lectora® User Conference, Karl Kapp joined us in Cincinnati, Ohio, as the keynote speaker. Karl Kapp, Ed.D., is a researcher, author, […]

Best Practices for Effective Soft Skills Training

Boring soft skills training doesn’t just put employees to sleep. It lowers employee perception of your organization – your internal brand. That’s why the most […]

5 Rules for Creating Scenarios in eLearning

As eLearning designers, we must all deal with dull, insipid content that brings out the yawns, both in you and the learners. And then there […]

How to create amazing, reusable bespoke layouts in Elucidat

Missed our fantastic webinar on Creating Scrolling Content? Or simply want to brush up on all those great techniques that enable you to make stunning […]

What to Check When Choosing LMS - Checklist

Every now and then, every eLearning professional is faced with the need to choose which LMS to use. Remembering all the aspects one has to […]

Communauté Francophone Captivate

Bonjour à tous, Après avoir discuté avec des responsables de la communauté eLearning Adobe, je lance cette conversation afin de savoir s’il y a ici […]

Criando campo de texto com validação e atribuindo variável. Parte 1

Olá, Neste tutorial mostro como construir um campo com entrada de texto e validação ou seja, usuário não poderá prosseguir se não digitar um nome […]

Maintaining Keyboard Focus – Accessibility Tip

When it comes to accessibility, people usually first think of closed captions and alternative text. But a major issue often overlooked is the importance of […]

Knudge.me, A Successful Example Of Gamification Applied To Learning.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded Knudge.me, a mobile application that intends to help its users master the English language. What attracted me at first, […]

Maintaining Keyboard Focus Part 2 – Accessibility Tip

Another aspect of keyboard accessibility when it comes to 508 compliance is not losing the focus on the screen. How can this happen you ask? […]

Who Are the Decision Makers When Selling elearning?

I’m starting out as a freelance elearning designer/developer and for those who are self-employed, I was wondering who do you target when trying to sell […]