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Watchworthy Wednesday: Apply to Present at DML2017 by May 1

Got an innovative program or research project dealing with connected learning or digital media and learning? We want to hear about it at this year’s […]

The Internet Could Offer Free, Accredited College Courses For All

Written by Steve Klinsky Millennials are streaming their entertainment and sharing their lives online in a way that no previous generation has had the capability […]

Why You Should Backup & Archive Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Last month’s announcement that Vault now supports Google Drive finally recognizes that G Suite users keep information in more places than their inbox, yet many […]

How Can VR be Used for Learning?

The hype around virtual reality (VR) has died down a bit, though the conference keeps going. I was happy to attend the Versions conference earlier […]

10 Top-Paying Skills Your Students Need in 2017

We’re living in an age where college degrees are the norm. This year an estimated 1,882,000 college students are going to graduate with bachelor’s degrees. […]

360 E-Safe Preparation (6 July)

Preparing for the 360safe E-Safety review Course venue: Hales Valley Teaching School, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 1BU A short high impact course for teachers Ideal […]

How to create accessible e-learning design

In a recent post I touched upon the subject of designing for accessibility in e-learning. The things is, there are millions of people out there […]

The role of parents to a successful BYOD program

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are a natural corollary to technology-based educational initiatives. Proponents of the concept cite many benefits: the immediacy of technology […]

4 Awesome STEM Project Ideas

Teaching children in a way that is both fun and effective is probably the greatest challenge. All  subjects are important when it comes to education, […]

Collaborating with your Administrators on Professional Development Goals | @mikelubelfeld @npolyak

On this episode of the TechEducator Podcast we speak with three administrators on the importance of having a strong relationship between the principal and the […]

8 Benefits of Using a Learning Management System

Using an LMS within your organisation can bring about many benefits and rewards to both yourself, employees and the business. Below I have put together […]

The Most Common Problems Faced By L&D Teams and How Using An LMS Can Provide a Solution

Managing a L&D strategy with minimal technology nowadays can be a challenge to say the least. We have identified the most common problems that an […]