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Have a break… have a Twitter break

It’s that time of year again where being a teacher is probably more stressful than ever. Teachers are worrying about how their classes will be […]

15 building blocks to a meaningful #ISTE17 (or any conference)

When you go to a conference — even for a single day — you’re investing hours of your life into the experience. And if that’s […]

5 Ways to Fail at Blended Learning

Five ways to fail at Blended Learning: Avoid these 5 ways to fail at Blended Learning #edchatClick To Tweet Try to make everything available online […]

Four Free On-Demand Trainings to Improve eLearning Design and Marketing

Designing an effective eLearning program is the most important aspect of the eLearning process. Achieving this requires a solid understanding of the audience, and incorporating […]

Learner-Centered Instruction: A Look At Recent Research on Fixing the Learning Gap

As universities look for opportunities to improve learning outcomes for nontraditional students, to personalize learning experiences, and to close the degree attainment gap, it’s necessary […]

TXVSN Online Learning Conference, June 20–23, 2017

TXVSN Online Learning Conference, June 20–23, 2017: TXVSN Online Learning Conference, June 20–23,...

Perusall: Interactive Reading for free

Perusall: Interactive Reading for free: “Perusall is a new social annotation tool. Perusall...

Rewordify: Simplify Hard Texts

Rewordify: Simplify Hard Texts: Rewordify is a website that allows readers to input a text and the...

Viva la Resistance! Resisting #edtech?

I read a post “A Guide For Resisting Edtech: The Case Against Turnitin” in which the...

Lessons Crashers Infographic / Timeline

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Worried About Hackers? Call a Girl Scout

The Girl Scouts of the USA will introduce badges for online safety, combatting cyberbullying, and advanced IT skills beginning in Summer 2018.

Online Classes for K-12 Students: 10 Research Reports You Need to Know

Research on the effectiveness of online courses for K-12 students remains limited, but here are 10 of the best studies available.