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#Intentional: Education is NOT a Competition

It´s testing season.  Those who follow this blog with any amount of regularity (its ok, I don´t follow it with any real regularity either) know, […]

Breaking Down Barriers to eLearning

The latest Towards Maturity ‘Learning Benchmark Report’, released November 2016, has some valuable insights as to why some organizations are failing to realize the benefits […]

Upcoming webinars from EDUCAUSE: Topics involve video, the Horizon Report, Instructional Design; VR & AR, teaching & learning

As teaching and learning spaces, technologies and applications continually evolve, it’s crucial to determine where we’re headed and what we hope to accomplish. EDUCAUSE, higher education’s […]

What skills do your current learning spaces develop in your students? How about these skills!

At the recent Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference, during one of the workshops, the question was asked: What skills do your current facilities promote/develop? A […]

“Students of the Future” — a short video from Educause

  Description: A portrait of the tools and technology that students of the future might encounter.

VR resumes are catching the eyes of industry recruiters [Melnick] “A brand new market requires a brand new kind of CV.”

VR resumes are catching the eyes of industry recruiters — from by Kyle Melnick     Excerpt: A brand new market requires a brand […]

Top down or bottom up strategy?

In a recent discussion around HR strategy, the question arose about where to start.  That is, if you’ve bought into moving into the digital age, […]

Teachers & professors! Find out ahead of time where the problems are, then focus on those in your class.

    From DSC: For you ed tech vendors, programmers, and/or entrepreneurs out there, would you please create the software to do this? By the […]

Where is Clark?

So, where am I this spring?  I was at ATD’s Techknowledge in January, and as this is published I’m on my way to Long Beach for their […]

Psalm 25:1-15

Psalm 25:1-15 New International Version (NIV) Of David. 1 In you, Lord my God,     I put my trust. 2 I trust in you;     do not let me […]

Karen Hough #ATDCore4 Keynote Mindmap

Karen Hough kicked off ATD’s Core 4 event with a lively keynote talking about how improvisation reflects many core factors involved in successful organizational agility. […]

Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials [Schaffhauser]

Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials — from by Dian Schaffhauser Very soon this nascent technology could securely enable registrars to help students verify […]