Interactyx and Traliant Announce Partnership To Deliver Online Sexual Harassment Training via TOPYX LMS

BONITA SPRINGS, FL – Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX®, a leading learning management system (LMS), and Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced […]

5 LMS Ideas to Try this Week

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Why teach English online

Do you know how many people around the world are wanting to learn English? 1 billion. That’s a staggering number so it’s no surprise physical […]

Workplace Learning Trends: The average shelf life of skills is less than five years

This is the second part of our blog looking at Workplace Learning Trends. In the first part, we addressed some of the major learning trends […]

Track Your Internal Compliance with GO1 Awards

With so many courses on offer to meet compliance standards, it can be tough selecting which courses your team should be taking. Those days are […]

Creating eLearning Scenarios for the Real World

Want to make your eLearning course more engaging and effective for your audience? You need to ask yourself one important question – does your online […]

There is No Excuse Not to Learn

The world is much smaller than it once was, figuratively speaking. Of course, oceans and time zones still separate us all but in terms of […]

Running Live Webinars: Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities

Educating learners with a webinar-only learning is a strategy many businesses currently utilize but if your organization wants to scale online learning initiatives and maximize […]

Choosing the Right Online Learning Technology for Your Organization

Choosing the appropriate online learning technology for your business is no easy task. It starts with asking questions like: Who are my customers?  What kind […]

MoodleMajlis 2017 – A recapitulation of first MoodleMoot in Dubai #moodlemajlis

MoodleMajlis 2017 – the first ever MoodleMoot in Dubai was held on 16 & 17th April 2017. The Majlis was dedicated to the users, developers,  […]

Moodle 3.3 QA testing updates – Gear Up for a power packed new Moodle release #Moodle3.3

Moodle 3.3 QA testing, which had started two weeks back, has progressed by leaps and bounds in such a short span of time. The upcoming […]

Tired of slow page loading due to high resolution images? Check out this awesome new Moodle Plugin #moodleplugins

As a Moodle site administrator, are you always worried about the size of the images used by the course designers? Being unaware about the impact […]