2016 Wisetail Way Award Winner: SoulCycle

We're excited to announce SoulCycle as the winner of our 2016 Wisetail Way Award for innovation in learning and development. The post 2016 Wisetail Way […]

Your Growing Fitness Company Just Might Need An LMS

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How Culture Led Medix To Choose A Great LMS

Culture is huge. In fact, it was one of the biggest factors that led Medix to choosing Wisetail for their training and LMS needs. The […]

LifterLMS 3.6.0 Rolls Out Plus 2 New LifterLMS Labs!

When a large portion of the LifterLMS community speaks out about wanting some new features, we think very seriously about adding them. That’s exactly what happened […]

Online Learning Business Model: Four Questions to Identify Growth Opportunities

Hold on. Before you start drafting course outlines and creating unique learning materials, it’s important to do your research. Start by identifying opportunities and then […]

How to Create eLearning Content: Four Factors to Consider

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What happens before a Moodle version release – Check out the Moodle release process to know the insights #moodle

Moodle – the best open source LMS releases a major version twice in a year packed with hell lot of new features and upgrades. The […]

How to allow the teachers to embed external content easily in Moodle course #Moodletips

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Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:1 #Moodletips

H5p is the new default for creating rich interactive content on your website. It’s an open source and allows you to create, share and reuse […]

Attention Moodlers: The biggest online LMS conference #iMoot17 coming in May with 52 hours nonstop sessions #moodlemoot

Do you want to increase your networking with Moodle community? Are you among those who are not able to attend the MoodleMoot in their proximity? […]

Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:2 #Moodletips

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Hurry Up! – Registrations extended for MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 #mootieuk17

If you are still procrastinating about attending one of the biggest Moodle conference around the world i.e. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017, then here is […]