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Canvas Expert? You Should Be A Canvassador!

cmoore Sun, 05/21/2017 - 23:27 post_date Sun, 05/21/2017 - 23:27 post_feature_img Canvassador logo.png post_summary Canvassadors act as the ears, eyes, and voice of Canvas. They […]

Six Insights Into the Future of Higher Ed Tech

cmoore Tue, 05/23/2017 - 16:12 post_date Wed, 05/24/2017 - 16:12 post_feature_img oracle water.jpg post_summary Even if we can't reliably predict the future of higher ed […]

Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods To Teach Staff More

Corporate leaders understand that employee turnover is expensive. When organizations invest in employees, they are investing in much more than just their salaries. In the […]

10 Active Learning Methods for Super Engaged Corporate Learners

In today’s ultra-competitive work environment, the organization that trains in the most effective and efficient manner possible will always gain the upper hand. With emphasis […]

Maximize Your Professional Development with Industry Memberships

A few weeks ago eLearning Brothers released the all new Professional Development Package. There are so many amazing features to this package, including either a […]

No SaaS Platform is an Island

When choosing an LMS or any other software application, it is important to ensure you can access the data it creates and hosts. It is […]

6 Tips For Correcting Video Errors With the Camtasia Timeline

You are probably perfect when it comes to your video production, so you don’t have to make many edits in post production. I, on the […]

The 5 Worst Types of eLearning Courses and How to Fix Them

There are A TON of eLearning courses out there, and to say some aren’t great, is a complete understatement. With the technology to design courses […]

ADDIE: 5 Steps To Build Effective Training Programs

The Addie model is an instructional design methodology used to help organize and streamline the production of your course content. Developed in the 1970’s, ADDIE […]

Making Engaging Online Training: Real Life Examples

Mandatory training has gotten a bad reputation for being boring. But what if you took a course on corporate integrity—a potentially dull topic—and turned it […]

Foster Effective Communication Skills through Customizable Courseware

Foster Effective Communication Skills through Customizable Courseware Effective communication skills are paramount in any kind of business. You communicate with your boss, your employees, colleagues, and […]

Teach, Learn, Share: the Role of Social Media in eLearning

In today’s fast-changing environment and fast-paced lifestyle, technology has continually enabled us to keep up. It made our daily activities faster and more efficient; trade […]