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Skills Needed to Create a Serious VR Game with a Game Engine by Matt Sparks

In order to create a serious game or educational experience in virtual reality, you’ll need skills with game engines and related game development software.

Add Simple Interactivity—for Free—with H5P by Pamela S. Hogle

Interactive elements spice up eLearning and engage learners; H5P offers a simple—and free—way to add interactive elements.

Toolkit: Mohive by CrossKnowledge (a Wiley Brand) by Joe Ganci

Mohive is a mature eLearning creation platform and tool that is international in nature. This review suggests why and when you should consider Mohive.

Learning Leaders: Karen Hyder and Virtual Training's Evolution by Pamela S. Hogle

The way people use virtual training platforms is changing, and instructional designers need to strategically design for the new blended learning. Suggestions from Karen Hyder.

Ten Tips for CLOs Considering Gamification by Susan Jacobs

Here are 10 recommendations from vendors and industry thought leaders for chief learning officers who are considering implementing gamification strategies.

Frases que no debes traducir literalmente del español al inglés

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Education http://www.prweb.com/newsbycategory/education/ PRWeb is the leader in online news distribution and publicity.  Filed under: · Digital Media Tagged: education

Reality Pedagogy: Christopher Emdin at TEDxTeachersCollege

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Grupo CIEG

http://www.grupocieg.org El CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN Y ESTUDIOS GERENCIALES es una organización dedicada a la investigación, formación, difusión, edición, publicación y asesoría en todas las áreas […]

Aula Aglalia

Blog http://aulaglaia.es/blog/ Clases de repaso de ciencias y robótica.    Filed under: · Blogs Tagged: STEM


http://www.mblock.cc/ Program Robots / Arduino – Without writing a single line of code.Filed under: · Programming Tagged: STEM

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