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Easy Test Maker

http://www.easytestmaker.com/ EasyTestMaker is an online test generator to help you create and manage your tests! Free plan is available.Filed under: · Tests & activities Tagged: […]

99 chats

http://es.99chats.com/ Inserte una sala de chat en su página Web, blog o perfil de red social gratis.Filed under: · Multimedia Tagged: communication

Introduction to Cybersecurity

https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-cybersecurity-uwashingtonx-cyb001x An introduction to cybersecurity, ideal for learners who are curious about the world of Internet security and who want to be literate in the […]

Innovation and IT Management

https://www.edx.org/course/innovation-it-management-iimbx-is110x-1 Learn key decision-making skills to better manage and implement IT and innovation in your workplace.Filed under: MOOCs Tagged: ICT, innovation

Inteligencia viso-espacial

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Learning Legendario

https://learninglegendario.com/ ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Juan Daniel Sobrado y con este blog de formación para formadores quiero enseñarte cómo crear y vender cursos de formación memorables, […]

Safety training: Dealing with hazardous chemicals and waste

There are a few different OSHA standards that companies dealing with hazardous substances should ensure they follow and comply with. Adequate training is key. Dealing safely with […]

Is LMS Administration Causing you a Headache?

Take five minutes to read this blog. It might just be the painkiller you’ve been looking for.

Put Learning in the Employee's Hands by Seniye Groff

Imagine a world where your employees know exactly what they are good at, what they need to work on, and what tools to explore on […]

Mager's Criterion-Referenced Instruction Approach Ideal for Self-Paced eLearning by Pamela S. Hogle

Ideas about instructional design pioneered by Robert Mager in the 1960s still influence design today. Mager is best known for criterion-referenced instructional design.

Articulate 360 Adds New Features at a Rapid Pace by News Editor

Articulate 360, which launched in November 2016, includes award-winning authoring apps like Storyline 360 and Rise; over 1.5 million course assets; an easy-to-use course review […]

Case Study: Home Décor Retailer Thrives After Makeover Leverages Gamified Microlearning by Valerie Davisson

Using a gamified approach, national home décor retailer At Home completely transformed and improved its corporate training program. The company is now able to onboard […]