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https://www.3ciencias.com/ En 3Ciencias publicamos artículos de investigación en acceso abierto mediante tres revistas electrónicas, editadas por Área de Innovación y Desarrollo, S.L. Cada una de […]

Competencias del siglo XXI

http://competenciasdelsiglo21.com Herramientas y consejos para desarrollar las Competencias que te llevarán al éxito en esta nueva Era Digital a la que nos dirigimos.Filed under: · […]

Plan Digital 2020: la digitalización de la sociedad española

https://www.esmartcity.es/biblioteca/plan-digital-2020-la-digitalizacion-la-sociedad-espanola Propuesta elaborada por la Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE) para agilizar la digitalización española, que incluye 237 recomendaciones.Filed under: · e-books Tagged: digital

New employee orientation: A critical part of management

Learning to bring new workers into your organization can have long-term benefits for all parties involved. How do you welcome new employees to the team? […]

Getting Started with xAPI: Four Lines of Code by Anthony Altieri

You can use xAPI to track a lot of different things. And at first, it might sound overly difficult, to the point of almost being […]

Development Tips: Design for Touch (A Touching Tutorial for Mobile Device Interactions) by Mark Lassoff

People interact with mobile devices in a completely different manner than traditional point-and-click learning interactions. People want to interact with learning content in the same […]

LRS Conformance: A Call to Action for Industry and Academia by Nick Washburn

Today, most business enterprise functions quantify their very existence with data. Compared to them, the training function is in the Stone Age. On April 12, […]

Behind the Scenes of a Conference – Reviewing Session Proposals

If you’ve ever proposed to speak at a conference then you’re pretty familiar with your end of the process: you fill out a proposal form […]

2017 Content Development Companies Watch List

PulseLearning named on Training Industry’s 2017 Content Development Companies Watch List Training Industry, the global resource tool for corporate training best practices, has once again […]

Becoming a Successful Leader (Inclusive Leadership Training)

https://www.edx.org/course/becoming-successful-leader-inclusive-catalystx-il2x-0 Become a successful leader by learning 21st-century leadership skills and applying concepts to the real world.Filed under: MOOCs Tagged: leadership


https://www.sacitametam.com/ Recursos, aplicaciones y multimedia para aprender matemáticas.Filed under: · Resources Tagged: STEM


http://www.blended.blog/ Our goal is to share our learnings to improve collaboration, communication, and innovation in the edtech entrepreneurial ecosystem.Filed under: · Blogs Tagged: entrepreneurs