eLearning Trends

Supervision excellence in manufacturing

Manufacturing excellence starts with the right people, especially at the management and supervisory levels. What does supervision in manufacturing entail today? When it comes to […]

Game Engines Drive Development of Games and VR for Learning by Pamela S. Hogle

A game engine provides a framework for developing a game that works according to a set of rules. Like an authoring tool, a game engine […]

Grupo Antevenio

Guía ONGs http://www.guiaongs.org/ GuíaOngs es una iniciativa impulsada por el Grupo Antevenio que surge de la necesidad de interacción en Internet entre las ONGs y […]

Fundación Tajamar

https://www.fundaciontajamar.es/ La Fundación Tajamar tiene como fines la promoción e impulso de las labores docentes, educativas, sociales, culturales y formativas que se realizan en el […]

Fundación María Francisca de Roviralta

http://roviralta.org/ Creada en 1959 por los hermanos D. Manuel y D. José María Roviralta, la fundación tiene por objeto la aportación de las rentas generadas por su patrimonio […]

The Rossetta Foundation

https://www.therosettafoundation.org/ Since 2009, The Rosetta Foundation has worked to eradicate the knowledge gap based on linguistic discriminationwith the support of friends and colleagues in the translation […]

Mondo Agit

PerMondo http://www.permondo.eu/es/ PerMondo es una iniciativa creada y dirigida por la agencia de traducción Mondo Agit. Nuestro objetivo principal es ayudar a asociaciones e iniciativas […]

The Complete Guide To Microlearning And Learning Reinforcement

https://elearningindustry.com/free-ebooks/microlearning-and-learning-reinforcement-complete-guide 70% of what employees learn in formal training programs is forgotten one day after the training is completed. Don’t let your employee training investment […]

Don't Break the Spell: Creating Presence in Virtual Reality by Matt Sparks

Virtual reality relies on the creation of presence. Here are details and resources to help you with the difficult business of illusion.

xAPI Can Tell You What They Learned from the Video by Anthony Altieri

To verify that learners viewed and understood a video, you must know how to construct the xAPI data and correlate video consumption and quiz performance.

In Real Life: Content Is Holding L&D Back by JD Dillon

Is your training content not in demand? Is it outdated? If your content is holding back your L&D transformation, here are six steps you can […]

Five Ways to Add Interactivity to Video by Pamela S. Hogle

Five suggestions for adding interactivity to video—quickly and inexpensively.