Everything You Need to Know to Create a Case Study with Impact

Case studies are a valuable way to train employees, and they can easily be incorporated into e-Learning courses to maximize the emotional response of students and improve your return on investment for training, yet many businesses don’t use them as a learning and development tool.For those organizations that do already incorporate case studies into their e-Learning, they may be unclear on the best way to structure them to maximize effectiveness, so we created a guide to case studies that works well as a framework for any training content, regardless of your business or industry.

The Basics: What is a Case Study

We’re starting with the basics here, so it’s important to delve into what a case study is. Case studies, in a general sense, provide a story of what happened within a business. It can represent one particular situation, or it can reflect something in the company or industry that occurs as a trend over several years. It looks at events that have to be dealt with in a business, and then outlines how managers or employees tackled particular challenges.

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