Fast Company Growth Requires Faster Training Solutions

From 20 to 200! This is how fast hundreds of small businesses want to grow. Like those currently attending the SaaStr Annual Conference in San Francisco. And in today's environment, that growth needs to happen fast. But that can be a huge challenge. Not only for the leadership of the company but for anyone given the responsibility for training as the company grows so large so fast. The internet is filled with blogs and discussions and thought leaders rambling on about the learning and development industry. Very few, if any, discuss the unique training challenges of the small fast growing businesses in today's economy. The practical actions required to get your training done are vastly different from that of a Fortune500 company. It's important to understand those differences and to not feel like you're "doing it wrong" based on what the internet says. In my experience, the Fortune500 could learn a lot from bootstrapped startups handling their training needs with limited resources.

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