Find A Major That Will Put You On The Dream Career Path Infographic

Find A Major That Will Put You On The Dream Career Path Infographic

Probably the most complicated part of the senior year in high school is that a teen has to make a choice that will define his or her adult life and obviously, early success depends on sticking to this choice. Rarely, there are kids who always know who they want to become and do not change their mind throughout the life-time. Where to begin?

Imagine yourself in 10 years after graduating from college. What will you be doing? What’s your work going to be like? Are you still be into it within couple of years? These are the most common questions to hear in the office of guidance counselor at the meetings with high school seniors.

Suppose, you’re passionate about biology. What are your options of implementing your passion into practice? What degree should you choose if your best faculty is creative writing? Often, a guidance counselor is unable to dedicate the senior students too much time. However, ultimately he/she is not the one to make a decision. You are.

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