Free to be Busy

Are you constantly being taken away from your task at hand for “just a second” to assist with other projects? If your office space is anything like ours, open and collaborative, you may find it overwhelmingly easy to be interrupted. It’s Monday morning and a new project just hit your desk. All you need is some time with no interruption, but Dwight stops by to ask about your weekend, Pam wants to chat about the new logo and Jim would like you to proof his newsletter. Sound about right? In-house conversations are always wonderful, until you look at the clock and “just a second” has turned into a half an hour.

Let us offer you a quick fix to help you keep momentum on the task at hand. Welcome to the simple time block! At TLS Learning, we have put in place the “blocking time” rule. Pictured above is the infamous time block itself. Now, all you have to do is implement this rule and you will gain time back in an instant.  

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