How to Know When It’s Time to Break Up with a Freelance Client

In the first few years of my e-Learning freelance career, like many freelancers, I focused more on getting paid than I did on doing work that I loved. I dreamed of someday only doing e-Learning work, but I had bills to pay and a business to get off the ground in the meantime. As a result, I started taking on work as a technical writer, which I never really enjoyed due to the extremely tight timelines, dry subject matter, and chaotic review cycles—but it paid well. Then, before I knew it, my technical writing clients were making up the majority of my client roster, and I was spending most of my time on work that wasn’t aligned with my goals or my values. It was a problem I hadn’t prepared for: how can I reach my goals when the work I need to take to stay afloat uses up all of my time?

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