How to Make Your Product Knowledge Training More Relevant to Your Learners

Usually, product training focuses on imparting knowledge on the features, how to sell and how to use the product, and when the sales team gets on to the field, they get rejected or disappointed. This is because the training often fails to convey how customers benefit from your product. This point is usually overlooked and organizations feel that the sales team does not value training. But what they really value is relevant training.

So, how do you make your product training more relevant to your learners? Let’s see.

Focus on Just-in-time training:

Sales people spend most of their time on the field or travelling, so they find it hard to attend classroom training sessions. Even if they are compelled to attend, the retention rates will be less. Instead, you can help sales people with small knowledge bytes, each covering one aspect of product knowledge. For instance, one module on how to convince the customers to buy your product, one on competitors’ products and another one on how to perform a product demo.

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