Introducing the Daily Mobile Learning Show on YouTube with RJ Jacquez

I hope you are doing well these days. It’s been awhile since I last posted here on my Blog. I real hope to change that starting today.

I have been working hard pushing my small business forward, where my wife and I spend our days running a custom picture framing shop in Chula Vista, CA, a few miles South of Downtown San Diego. We started our business 7 years ago and this January we were finally able to hire someone to help us make the frames, which gives us time to pursue other interests, along with running our family business.

One thing I want to do with my newly found free time is get back to blogging about Mobile Learning, teaching an updated version of my mLearning Design course and also start speaking at Learning conferences.

In order to get back to Mobile, I started a show on YouTube called The Daily Mobile Learning, which even though I may not publish to it daily, I still like the word daily in the title. Here’s what the show is about and where the inspiration came from.

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