Microtraining & How To Do It Infographic

Microtraining & How To Do It Infographic

The brain of the modern man has gone through some profound developments. Our increasing digital dependence is accompanied by a shorter attention span and distractions from all around. You can dealwith with these challenges by implementing microlearning and microtraining in your training program. But what is microtraining exactly, and how does it work? We’ll explain in this infographic!

1. What is Microtraining?

Nowadays, our attention span hardly surpasses that of a goldfish. Long and intense group training sessions don’t fit into this picture. Distractions are everywhere and conventional training does not have the answer. What does? Microtraining!

Face these challenges by implementing microlearning and microtraining, using content that is compact and immediately available. Modern (mobile) technologies are often used for this. Learning material is offered in small chunks, for a longer period of time and at regular intervals. This way, skills are acquired much more efficiently and preserved at the same level for a longer period.

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