MSB-Plymouth Students Go Behind the Scenes at Chipolte

The Business Club at Minnesota School of Business – Plymouth Campus recently took advantage of a unique opportunity to learn more about Chipotle. It is hard to find someone without a positive opinion of the fast-casual dining chain. In fact, the location on Wayzata Boulevard in Wayzata, Minn. has become a very popular spot for students at the Plymouth campus.

Armed with this information, business club members ventured out to find out what makes Chipotle so popular? General Manager Jerry Eaton hosted the Business Club and provided insight into the driving forces behind Chipotle.

Chipotle started as a one-store operation in 1993 and today it has 1500 locations with 37,300 employees and annual revenues of $826 million. Chipotle is most noted for the invention of the fast-casual dining sector and the use of the best possible organic ingredients. The company takes a food-with-integrity approach and this is only part of what makes Chipotle different than the typical fast food establishment.

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