New Year, new budget – “Can we afford to train?”

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2016, a year not without its challenges, it must be said. A year which demonstrated so clearly how quickly and fluidly our world now moves, and how clearly the challenges it brings us are laid out before us. The need to continually question our understanding of our place in this rapidly changing atmosphere has never been so clear.

As we come to the end of another year in business and look to the future, thoughts should be turning to what we expect of that future, with regard to our businesses. The year’s end brings endless opportunity, a clean and natural time to make changes and to plan developments. A breathing space to help us assess the year gone by and focus on fresh challenges for the coming 12 months.

At this time of year, all our thoughts, all our discussions around business naturally focus on productivity, how to build and enhance it, how to bring positive changes and move forward from the ground we’ve gained in the previous year, and how to find new ways to grow. To grow as individuals, professionally, personally, and of course, to grow as an organisation.

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